New Inspector, Oahu HI


    My name is Josiaha and I've just become a CPI. I will be leaving HI at the new year. Wanted to Shadow or assist in some inspections. I have some hands on experience but would like more. I've done a couple years ago and would like to warm back up to it.

Why are you leaving HI?

I’m a Disabled Veteran, my wife is active duty. So off to Ft. Carson for better opportunities for her MOS.

Good reason, good luck on the new pcs and home inspections!

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Thank you!

Ah, too bad. One of the best inspectors and thermographers in the U.S., just retired and move southeast of Denver, I believe. He has 2 active duty officers.

Oh well, some other prime inspector will show up, no doubt soon and make a deal with you.

Oh, and welcome to inspecting, Josiaha. :smile:

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Thank you. I’m in the talks with a couple people. Everyone seems to be helpful. Glad this community exist.

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