New Inspector Profile from Bob Elliott

So I’m sure some of you know about the inspector profile section of the articles page, where you can promote yourself, NACHI, and talk about yourself. Take a look at our most recent addition from Bob Elliott

You write it yourself and we’ll post it, after a little touching up. Tell us about your background, why you became an inspector, why you like NACHI, and whatever else you’d like and send it to Rob.James.London @

Nice on Bob & Rob

Not easy to write about yourself.
I tried to do it third person but Rob would not allow that.:smiley:

Good job from the staff.

That’s my new Android phone that Chris and I are arguing over.
(he he!)

Seriously I was going to do it as more of a promotion piece but decided to keep it real.

Looking back I left out some of my related work but in general it turned out OK.(6 years with Sears)

Damn straight.

Good photoshop work Bob.

Especially with his face :mrgreen:

Yeah you should have called and i could have helped you too.:cool:

A big pair of sunglasses and a ZZ Top style Beard would have helped you out.

Bought one of those electric trimmers and trying the goatee thing, but may not make the party with a 4:30 Condo on the south side.

By 7:30 (eta) you old fat guys will have ate everything in site.

Bob, you don’t get out of your car for a south side condo inspection do you?? Do you use your cute little copycat phone for your pics??:mrgreen:

Why do you have a problem there?

Just get a reliable phone like the Samsung Moment which has Over 60% free apps compared to the i phone with 77% taking your money.
read here… :mrgreen:

That’s me in the center.

I have a new, Marshal 300 watt moisture meter.

IT IS LOUD, but it works. :mrgreen: