New YouTube Channel for Thermal Imaging

Pembroke Instruments has created a new YouTube channel for thermal imaging; the link is

The channel has videos on thermal cameras, thermal imaging training events, and tutorials.

:mrgreen: Pembroke… see:

You and your employee want to give people here the impression that we post images for the 4010 that were not taken with the 4010. And please stop with your whiny posts to our YouTube channel. The channel has been on a week and has > 300 views. We get about 50 new views a day. This is called succesful marketing, Chris.
What you do is post negative, inaccurate posts in the desperate hope people will buy from you? Pathetic to say the least.

If anyone here wants proof I can send you images from the 4010 taken from our sponsored Snell Level training. The students come from leading corporations in California and they would be quite happy to validate the images they captuerd in the Level I class were taken with the 4010.

That is a total fabrication.The 4010 takes excellent images for a 160X120. The British company, IRISYS, has done a great job with the 4010 and their other thermal cameras and they are > $1,000 less expensive than FLIR and Fluke. So keep posting your fabrications, it only hurts your own credibility.

I am not going to reply to your crap anymore and that should never be interpreted as validation of your lies.

:shock: What ? :shock:

Leslie does bring up a good point there. Youtube gets the 2nd most searches on the internet. Most people think the 2nd spot goes to Yahoo or Bing. Google owns youtube, so I guess they get the top and 2nd billing.

On a side note, the top image on this page: is not taken by a 4010. That image was taken from a 640x480 HotShot HD-XT Electrophysics camera. I have no idea what camera the other two are taken by. I would have to believe they were taken with the 4010 if Mr Tack says they are.

You can also contact Art Stout at Electrophysics (Sofradir) directly at 973-882-0211 if you want a demonstration on the HotShot models. They do take amazing images and are 1/2 the price of the other 640x480 cameras currently on the market.

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Leslie, honey. Your YouTube channel has ZERO comments - ZERO posts. Looks nice though. :wink: