New laptop

I just bought a new laptop over the weekend. I have a computer background and have been shopping for a month on Ebay and other places. Here is the deal at Staples
Compaq Presario V5101Us
2.0 gHz (processor speed)
512MB Ram (memory size)
60GB hard drive
ATI graphics card (great video picture)
CD R/W -DVD (I can burn a report to CD or watch a movie

Price $549 after $30 rebate

Plenty of PC for what I need in HI.


What do think about the AMD chip?

Brian ( opps…where did I get BEN before…anyway…edited that )

I have 5 computers in our office and (2) at home…also I have worked on them for years for friends and build my own computers from time to time…my personal experience is and again only MY opinion is anytime I have used a AMD chip I have had problems…I did have (6) computers at the office…the one that died had an AMD processor…

So maybe it is my luck…but I am truly a Intel-Man…the new mobile laptops that offer the Intel with mobile duo are awesome…

I also have a laptop that is now (5) years old…don’t laugh…it is my travel laptop and it still has more power and features than most bought today because I always do my research and look ahead and spend a little more to maintain technology…even though it is like a new car…once off the lot the value drops…

But if you shop right…you would be amazed…

Paul -

What laptop and configuration would you recommend for an incoming college freshman?

I am sure Ben appreciates the info Paul.:stuck_out_tongue:

I like researching here Joe.
If it is just for writing papers almost anyone will do. I would take into consideration battery life and weight. I personally like really good screen resolution but a college freshman probably has better eyesight than me.

They picked AMD by the way.
Must be why Intel stock is down.:wink:

SNAP…I mean Brian…lol…sorry fella


That was my personal opinion on Intel…lol…I have plenty of NERD friends as well whom I build and repair computers with…( wait a minute members are gonna start asking me when I actually SLEEP )…not often…but anyway I and many of them just never had any luck with AMD…they are CHEAPER which will drive stocks…INTEL refuses to rock bottom the prices and only on certain processors will try to match AMD…but again…only my opinion.

to your question Joe…basically you want to look at something that will get her through 4 years of college and not leave her wondering if it will work any of the programs college may demand…so with that said here are my bare minimums I would look for…BTW…Thomas you are perfectly fine in your investment…more than enough to hande the HI industry items…

Ok…Joe…here you gooooooooooooooooo

My Preference - HP ( sorry…everything I have is HP…down to my pocket pc )
HP Pavilion Notebook PC (DV5170US)
•Intel® Core™ Duo T2300
•15.4" WXGA widescreen
•1024MB of DDR2 memory
•100GB hard drive
•Double-layer DVD+R/RW
•Wireless remote

**HP Pavilion Notebook PC (DV5170US) **

Notebook performance: This notebook features the Intel® Core™ Duo T2300 (1.66GHz), 1024MB of 667MHz DDR2 memory and a 100GB 5400RPM SATA hard drive.
Next-generation processing: The Intel® Core™ Duo represents the next generation of Centrino® Mobile Technology-based notebook processors. This new processor combines revolutionary dual-core mobile performance and great power efficiency.
Sharp display: The 15.4" WXGA high-definition display provides razor-sharp graphics and plenty of room for your widescreen movies.
Combo drive: The double-layer DVD+/-R/RW drive lets you record up to 8.5GB of information on just one double-layer disc. This versatile drive also writes to CD.
LightScribe technology: Laser-etch beautiful labels and images directly onto your discs with the same DVD drive that burns the data—no more messy labels!
Instant cinema to go: Enjoy digital film and music within seconds with the press of the external buttons and HP QuickPlay. The included wireless remote and stereo earbud headphones will elevate your experience.
Designed to entertain: The built-in Altec Lansing speakers and integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 graphics will bring your music, games and movies to life.
ExpressCard/54 slot: Be ready for the next generation of faster, lighter PC card expansion products. When you use the ExpressCard/54 slot, data transfer rates jump from 10MBps to 500MBps.
Go wireless: Built-in 802.11a/g/b technology gives you the ability to get connected in just about any public wireless hotspot.
Software bundle:
Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition with SP 2, Works, Money, MSN® Encarta® Plus and Office 2003 Student/Teacher Edition (60-day trial), Windows® Media Player and Movie Maker
Norton® Internet Security 2006™ (with 60 days of live update)
Sonic Digital Media Plus
Muvee autoProducer DVD Edition with Burning
HP PhotoSmart Premier and Quick Play
Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®

Upgrade the Ram as fast as you can…512 is bare minimum in my opinion…unless you like to wait 5 minutes for the computer to boot. Just my opinion of course :wink:

Nice 7lb laptop Paul, couldn’t find anyhting heavier?:slight_smile:
And no bluetooth to boot?

Has anybody used one of the Fujitsu Tablet PC’s with Homeguage? I haven’t purchased either yet, but am curious to hear some feedback on this combo…I’m torn between this setup or a PDA with another software. Must be TREC compliant.

I disagree that “almost anyone will do”. Besides battery and weight, you certainly need to consider hard drive space, memory, wireless capability, CD/DVD capability, cost, etc. Here’s a helpful link for how to pick a laptop.,guid,13,page,1,00.asp

You forgot my link Joe, the anyone I was referring to.:wink:

The HP pavilion is a nice machine, but like mine, it will obsolete in 12-18 months. I posted the info on this one as it was plenty of machine for what I need (with the exception of the DVD burner). The main point was it is more than adequate for my business needs, and the price was great. With the $600 I saved I can buy other tools for my business as well.

Does anyone out there with a DVD burner, create a custom DVD for clients?

weight…man it is a student who is going to we working in the dorm…who cares about weight…lol…and bluetooth…heck that is nothing more than a 65’ USB cord that is invisible…heck even I can hack into my sons computer using bluetooth…so I would hate to see a fancy college student down the hall PEER into my daughters computer…and I dont even have a daughter…:slight_smile:

Also…I added bluetooth to my dinasaur of a backup computer for $ 30.00 bucks…lol…

Sad to say however I did assume the HP i posted had bluetooth already…lol…and it might…just not listed…but again it was my bare minimum suggestion…lol


Man you did fine…that computer you got will serve you well and if you are like me…heck I buy new stuff every few years anyway just to spend the money and make the wife upset…:slight_smile:

I happen to burn my reports to CD for my clients so they can keep a record of it…I am going to get the new light scribe one soon so I can make them even more PRETTY…everyone likes PRETTY…:slight_smile:

As the parent of a 19 year old boy, may I suggest as much HD space as you can possibly afford? For school, my son uses the Office Suite products (Word, Excel, and Power Point) more than anything. BUT he uses his computer MOSTLY for IM, music and games. He loads his iPod from his PC. If your incoming freshmen is a young lady, maybe she wont be playing as many games and downloading gigs of music.

So speaking from a parents point of view, large hard drive, wireless, dvd burner and DURABILITY are important features.

We bought my son a HP Pavillion, he has been using it since Nov, and it seems to be working out ok for him. (the iPod and PSP have taken the gaming and music burden off the pc) Also, check out the Dells. (I know, I know) My nephew has one, and I dont know how that thing is still running, the abuse that kid piles on that machine, and it is still going strong.

Just my .02

DUDE…you got a DELL…lol…

Actually I have no problems with DELL…very solid…:slight_smile: just know what you are getting if you order one on the phone…check all the details so you are not left wishing you had before…just a suggestion to DELL buyers…:slight_smile:

OPPS…had to edit…DUDESS…you know someone who got a DELL…:slight_smile:

My daughter is about to go to college and we got and HP from Office Max or Depot. For about $600 with 1gb of memory. These days I wouldn’t spend much more unless I was upgrading to a DVD burner or 80GB drive. I considered a Dell but they seem to be suffering from quality and service issues according to some surveys, so I passed on the Dell.

AMD vs. Intel I have two of each and I haven’t seen it make a difference. In fact just now I had to look at the cases to see which was which. Unless your a big gamer, it doesn’t seem to make a difference as far as I can tell.

I see many new inspectors get talked into buying a “future proof” laptop for $2K and have to laugh because they are only buying a little more functionality than a $600 machine. Worst case in two years I throw out my $600 machine (or give it to the kids), buy another and I am still ahead of the game. BTW - if your sending your child to college with a laptop make sure they have a cable lock for it or it will walk off!


What Rick said.

Cheryl get an external hard drive for extra crap and,cheap,cheap.:slight_smile:

Paul I have a presario x1000 that I have beat the crap out of, good machine, a little dated.:slight_smile: