New Laptop

I just bought a new laptop and am moving data from the old one to the new one. Can anyone tell me how to move emails I have saved (Outlook) to the new computer???



I don’t remember the specific steps and don’t have time to go thru them, but it basically involves moving your data file from your outlook folder to the new computers outlook folder.

Try this link for additonal help:

I am a computer genius, I have a 100% record in breaking them.

File > Export > addresses or messages.

Go to MS help onlne and type in that question you will find the instructions at their site. I have used it before and go there everytime I need to do a back up.

Thanks for the help!!


Why not use the Files & Settings Transfer Wizard, located under System Tools, it was designed to perform this function? It works over a WiFi connection or you can burn a CD. Let me know how it went.