New License Plate Frames Installed

Just installed my new InterNACHI Lic. Plate frames. Looks pretty good around my personalized, Utah “In God We Trust” plates.


those are illegal where I live. You have to have the entire license plate visible.


You may possibly be referring to this (example) which is a different issue altogether…

The red corvette (photo) is illegal in all states.

Damn selling more stuff to make you illegal! :wink:

Russell complains:

Wrong. Our Inspected Once, Inspected Right license plate covers are free and always have been free. Even shipping is free.

I stand corrected, you give illegal stuff away for free. Your right.

My defense would be, if the officer could not read “Utah”…What other state in the union would provide a non-PC plate with the words “In God We Trust” along with an American Flag…And What other State would let me put M1GND on a plate? (45ACP was already taken and 191145 would not fit on that particular plate.)