New NACHI.TV Webinar: "New Valued-Priced Radon Detector for Professional Use"

Register for a new free NACHI.TV webinar for home inspectors: “New Valued-Priced Radon Detector for Professional Use: Fast, Accurate, and WiFi-Enabled with Peter Foller” on Fri, Sep 13, 2019, 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM EDT.

Ecosense, Inc. is a newly formed subsidiary of FTLab (Republic of Korea). We are introducing our RadonEye ProTM radon detector that is specifically designed for use by professional home inspectors and radon remediation contractors. This NRPP-certified device is based on novel and proprietary ion chamber technology. It is able to post accurate data every 10 minutes to a user’s smartphone (iOS or Android) and to our dedicated server for remote access, report generation, and mapping. The unprecedented low cost of these small devices, and their speed and communications capability, enable the professional to own several such devices controlled by and reporting to a single smartphone. The integrated system Ecosense offers thus allows the faster and more complete assessment of either a single property or, simultaneously, multiple properties.

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I’ve been following this product since FTLabs first introduced them. There is a huge problem with them: it’s impossible to get them calibrated yet. No labs in the US or Europe accept them (or didn’t up to a couple of months ago) and the only option is to ship them back to South Korea. FTLabs won’t address this issue.
That said, most modern CRMs like this one have nothing to actually calibrate, but the NRPP still requires a yearly calibration. This serves as more of a device check than an actual adjustment.

It looks to me that you buy this, and it’s good for one year, then worthless for certified usage after that.

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I wonder if there are some inspectors that tried them for long enough to calibrate them. I doubt they would spend all that money to market the product and not having the option to make required calibration.

Every country has different regulations about calibration for these devices. The US appears to be using an outdated and silly set of requirements. There is nothing to really calibrate on these modern crms. I called one of Ft Lab’s distributors in Germany and they said that they had no way of calibrating it either. It seems like a dead end for now.

Todd Thuss

Certified Professional Inspector

Integra Inspection Services, LLC


Today I spoke with Boser-Morner and they said they would “calibrate” the FTLabs DRMs :+1:


Seriously? That’s really great news. Must have been a fairly recent thing.