New Next Month "Defect Photo & Narrative Award"

Yes, something new has been added to the Best Defect Picture Award.

We have added Narratives. :slight_smile:

Yes it will now be called Defect Photo & Narrative Award.

I will take 2 weeks to ask for your best photos and run a poll for the best.
I will then take 2 weeks to ask for the best Narrative for that Defect.

Last year, the Committee Awarded 1 Free Year of Membership for the Winner along with a free Case of books.

The same or equivalent will go to the winner of the Best Narrative.

Some bugs might have to be ironed out as we go.

I would like to Thank our Member Jeff Hannon for the idea and thank the Award Committee Members for the support required to make this happen.

Also, thanks to Inachi Nick Gromicko to help us make this happen.


What a great idea love it
.It will be interesting to see what the Homies can come up with .
Thanks to all… Roy

Good idea Marcel

Thanks Troy and this is still work in progress.

It is anticipated the the Winning Defect Picture will be paired up with the winning Narrative for it and at the end of the year, the pair goes up as a team to compete for the “Defect Photo & Narrative Award”, both winners.

I will somehow manage to get Narratives for the past 3 monthly defect picture winners we have at the end of the month.

I’ll be glad to answer or address any questions out there. :):smiley: