New Ottawa InterNACHI Chapter

Mr. Card:

From your website:
Our Ottawa area home inspection prices are between $250.00 and $350.00plus Tax

**for a max. 3000 Sq. ft. home ****
“Sorry that you think that $100,000 per year is pie in the sky. This year I am on track to do $120,000 plus I will give another $10,000 to $20,000 worth of business to other InterNACHI inspectors in the Ottawa area”

Firstly, $120,000 gross revenue is not income!!

Secondly, if your prices are that low, you must be real busy doing 2-3 inspections a day to get to that gross revenue. 2 inspections per day are all I can handle and that makes for a 10-13 hour day for myself due to the quality of my service.

You must be doing drive-by’s/walk-throughs to get that much revenue in a year.

Thirdly, obviously you don’t know what the HI field can offer you in variety; it shows you’ve only been in the field for a few years. you ridicule my claim about working in a divorce case. That was a very good paying inspection as it was done in preparing for a court case between parties in a divorce. It was about 1987-8 and and I was able to charge $100/hour.

I was called in to inspect the home that the husband built. He was trying to lowball the price he was going to pay the wife as he was buying her out. He claimed he had built in many defects so that the house was not worth what she was asking for for her half. Well, it was an easy inspection and on the court date, I sat outside court waiting for 3 hours ($300) reading!! When I thought I was going to be called, I was told I was no further needed…the parties had settled because my report showed the folly of the husband…stupid man…what man would knowingly build defects into his home and then try to claim he did!! easy slam dunk!!

Geez, Linas:

You haven’t really addressed me since I sent you that private message after you left your little note on my profile (which by the way is still there).

Are you off your meds???

Answer the direct question. I was implying working as a Home Inspector as that is the general drift on these threads. Can you take your HI credentials and go work in BC without further training/certifications?

BTW, the CMI is recognized by INACHI and its own group only and as far as I know neither are not recognized anywhere in Canada except as a business, trademark, etc and not as an accredited educational or certifying agency.

Many INACHI members deride the CMI as a marketing gimmick only and it holds little to no credibility with the larger HI community. You can find the comments all over these boards!!!

This is exactly the kind of bickering, insult, destructive criticism, character assassination, elitism and division that has fractured this industry. And it has to stop.

If we Canadian Home Inspectors cannot unite then we are doomed to be ruled by ‘industry leaders’ who have their own agenda.


I really don’t see fracturing or division occurring in our industry. I see consolidation, especially with regard to inspection associations. If there were more than one inspection association that got bigger and better right through the recession, I’d have to rethink my position. It’s almost as if gravity is pulling everything into InterNACHI IMHO.

Well Nick, with nine associations claiming to represent inspectors in Ontario alone and the kind of interchange you have seen above, I think that the words “bickering, insult, destructive criticism, character assassination, elitism and division that has fractured this industry” are pretty accurate.

It may not be very evident to you way down in Colorado but it is as plain as the nose up here.

Please provide a list of the 9

These associations are not all trying to represent HI’s in Ontario but do have members in the province.



First Nations


Thanks Brian - I do not believe that CAHPI or ASHI are technically active associations, and deserve consideration as an Ontario Home Inspection association.

(1) OAHI represents CAHPI Ontario - to me one in the same
(2) OAHI is the ASHI chapter representing most of Ontario - however, some may argue that non-OAHI members are not really represented by ASHI - as such those non-members currently are really on their own
(3) PHIPIO has morphed into a National Association (PHPIC) although it my understanding still has standing as an Ontario H.I. association

Again not here to argue the point, but to seek clarification and seek facts.


Two more that I can think of;
And whatever the name of Bill Mullen’s new group is this week. :smiley: :D:roll:

Anyone can form an association in 15 minutes online and sucker 10 or 12 guys to join. That really wasn’t my point. My point was that to confirm whether or not my belief that the inspection industry is consolidating under one association, one need only look at indicators such as each association’s number of members, number of benefits, number of course offerings, number or web pages, number of message board posts, number of success tools, etc. You will note that for the past couple years, only one inspection association in the world continues to grow. Now extrapolate this out a few years and what do you get? Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile.

I think that we are mixing apples and oranges here Nick. There are trade associations and marketing associations. There is no doubt that INACHI is the biggest and best marketing association, however in Canada INACHI does not offer the same support or representation that a trade association offers leaving something of a void and that is why there are so many little organizations up here all claiming to have the best interest of the Canadian Home Inspector at heart. The reality falls somewhat short.


Marketing is only InterNACHI’s #2 strength. Education is by far our #1 strength. We are now approaching 500 government approvals for our inspection training courses which are the best and most robust ever developed: More inspectors have received the bulk of their training through InterNACHI than all other associations and inspection schools combined, and then some. If you were to describe InterNACHI as nothing more than a University for Inspectors, you’d get an A- for being 90% correct.

The bold makes me wonder about the inspection thoroughness!! After 26 years part or full time HI, I feel that if realtors are recommending an HI and they are getting a high % of their inspections from realtors, it’s a sign that the Hi gives a softer report. I don’t get many recommendations from realtors- only 5-6 out of about 800-1,000 locally recommend me with regularity. There are others that use me only when an inspection is for themselves or their family and sometimes, friends. Why don’t their regular customers get referred to me??

Stories of "Used House Salespersons!!!

I live rurally (well, bedroom community area of Halifax). Of the two busiest realtors here, one has called me twice:

(1) when his brother was was buying a home: I could not do the inspection as I had 2 inspections already booked for the day they needed one. (Due to my thoroughness and personal report delivery, I can only do 2/day and that takes 10-12 hours) The night before their inspection day, the realtor’s brother called asking me if I could do the inspection for him the next day by postponing 1 of the 2 inspections I already had booked!!!..can you believe it??

(2) this realtor called me again when another HI screwed up his call on a wood burning stove installation!!! (Call Brian, he’ll straighten it out!!)

The other realtor lives directly across the road from me on the salt water of St. Margaret’s Bay in off the Atlantic. 4 years ago, he began building a $7-$800,000 home (probably a million in Ontario terms). I had never recived a call from him before even though I had connections to him through his family (I was once invited to his birthday by his sister), my daughter and an old college friend. But during the construction of his home, I had THREE calls for help as he was having some “code” problems. So, of course,** I was too busy**…if I had helped him, I still would not have gotten inspections referred from him in the future…that’s his nature…have never heard another realtor speak good of him yet he makes the big $$$$. I am glad I can’t see his house- it’s down over the hill and in the woods!!

(BTW, Just a few minutes before I started this post, I had to refuse an inspection for Monday that was requested by one of the local realtors that do recommned me…I have 2 inspections booked already. I am not free until Wednesday later in the day, so I’ll lose this one as the buyers are up against a short timeline.)

Now lets see Ontario OAHI in about 8 Years has gone from about 200+~

RHIs to about 200 +~ RHIs .
NACHI has gone from about zero Ontario members to just about 700+`members and NACHI looks to be still growing .
Reports I am getting is OAHI could loose a lot of members this year .
For some Reason NACHI has a lot of Home Inspectors who like them.

I eagerly await to see what information comes out from the other Ontario Associations .
I see lots of promises and ideas BUT no factual information .

Sorry Brian, I may not have made myself clear in the "agent friendly’ statement. He was recommended by agents but the clients had done some research and chose me,pricing is the same or very close, he is a little cheaper $25 or so on most. I get about 2 out of 10 from agent referals myself. I have seen his reports, talked to past clients etc. Just from 100% have said would never hire him again.
I have had 5 repeat clients in the last month for investment properties. Not sure what it all means but NACHI has been a big part of it.

As a CET and A.Sc,T, I can work as an inspector, designer, builder, contractor, etc. or anything else I chose to do in the building industry. In fact I’ve done most of it.
Maybe you should check what these crededtials stand for before you display your lack of knowledge.
It’s been my experience that those that do not have it criticize it to hide the fact that they do not have it.

These CMI requirements from

CMI’s requirements require the perfect combination of experience, education, endurance, ethics, standards, and fidelity. There are only about 400 Certified Master Inspectors in the world.

And best of all… no annual dues or fees ever! :smiley: