Ottawa Chapter of InterNACHI inspectors meeting in Ontario on November 2, 2010.

Id like to come, i may be working that evening. ill have to check Monday.
Id like to confirm, i’m working on transitioning into inspections, would i be welcome at the meetings.

And, how can i officially join the chapter?

Register here and of course you are welcome.

Lemme check the schedule Monday, it be great to start networking and meeting some of you guys. Right now i am working through all the courses. I am looking for someone i can shadow on the weekends, so i can learn as much as i can.


just signed up!

Hi Daniel;
I hope to see you at the November meeting. Membership in the Ottawa Chapter is free for all InterNACHI members.Just send Jim Lepine an Email and he will add you to our members list. That Simple!! At InterNACHI we do not believe in “organized confusion”.

missed the meeting caught at work till 7 helping customers…

I guess its the reality of tire season.

I hope to make it to the next meeting? Is there a date scheduled?