Wind Mitigation report with photos section

Hello Fellow Members,

Does anyone have the new Wind Mit report with a fillable space at the end of the report to add photos? I have the older wind mit report with the spot for photos at the bottom but not the newer version. I loved the ability to drop in photos. I already created a fillable report for the newest version but my pdf fill software is outdated and i cant add a spot for photos at the end. Any help would be so appreciated ! :O)


You can buy everything you need from John S. Many guys use his forms. They have the fillable picture boxes at the end.

ok cool, john s?


If you have “microsoft word” creating your own reusable picture page with boxes to drop pics in isnt that hard to do. I made my own and put my company name and a place for address and date on top. I have 6 pics per page but you can make the boxes as big or small as you want them. wanna try? e-mail me.

There is several options including mine. Search the Florida section.

John Shishilla at Honor Construction. He just posted on this topic.

all great tips and ideas, thank you everyone for the response!