We've got a new way for you to generate inspection client leads from your websites.

You’re going to like this:

I recently wrote a series of booklets (almost mini books) for Homebuyers. Tips that every homebuyer needs to know, etc. The tips are really good (I used to be a top-producing buyers agent).

Anyway, we created different versions of them. One that includes a recommendation to test for radon and why (for those of you who offer radon testing). One that mentions our “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee (for those of you who participate). One that mentions neither. One that mentions both. You get the idea.

They will also be editable so that you can customize (include recommendations for additional ancillary services you offer) or re-title the booklet (to include the name of your city for example). You can even add your contact information and inspection business logo to them to make them look like your inspection company’s own publication.

You can then offer them on the homepage of your websites. For example:

Email me for my free booklet
What Every Homebuyer in Toledo, Ohio Must Know

…or however you want to title it.

This will generate a constant stream of homebuyer leads for you. You can then email them the booklet along with other information about your inspection company (which you can add to the booklet if you like). You can (and probably should) also email them something (I’m coming up with that next) every week (work your growing list of leads) until they are ready to hire a home inspector… you!

The final editing and intro to the booklets is being done by Kate (InterNACHI’s Editor-in-Chief) now and our Marketing Department is coming up with a few different cover designs. They should be ready for your use by next month.

This of course will be another free membership benefit.

Look forward to seeing them.
Does this mean we can stop begging for 'Now you have had a home inspection books" ???..NAH !

Any freebies for clients are good .

Everyone loves stuff because whoever has the most stuff when they die wins.LOL

Wow! Thanks Nick. I vote that Kate gets a pay raise :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing them.

Very nice

Can’t wait!

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Nick wrote - “This of course will be another free membership benefit.”

INTERNACHI ROCKS !!! can’t wait !!

Thanks yet again Nick !!!

Thank you Nick can’t wait

Looking forward to it. Thanks Nick.

Looking forward to it. My clients love books! Just mailed 2 “Now” books out to past clients who wanted them for gifts for relatives. Of course my name and logo was all over them.:smiley:

Is this in place? I noticed the original thread began a few years ago. Sounds good, thanks

Huh? I just started the thread two days ago.

Thanks Nick I’m looking forward to sending them out. You guys are the best.

Kate finished editing them today. We’re now doing the design work.

This is going to be awesome.

Looking forward to this! :slight_smile:

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