New Providence Middle School Clarksville Tn; Muslim 101.

Neighbor kids came home with this homework assignment.

School officials say they will monitor class curriculum more closely and talk with the teacher after school…

Same day ROTC student is suspended for wearing a T-shirt under his clothing with an American flag on it! Teacher made him take off his clothes so she could see it!


If it had been a bible verse, it would have made national news, the values of this country are going straight down the toilet.

Yeah that’s the problem with this country all these patriotic people. We need more people to hate this country that will makes us a better country. At least that is what the drive by media tells us. If I could start life over I would be teacher instead of a inspector to help try to combat this teaching of all this wacko political correctness. Even history changes with this bunch it does need to be true as long as you feel or wish it was. God help us.