This is absolutely rediculous...

poor kid! :shock::roll::mad::mad::(:neutral:

Same thing is happening at a school near here. School officials searched a kids car and found a two inch pocket knife. It was among a survival kit (water bottle, first aide kit, flashlight etc…). Kid got suspended. he’s an honer student, former boy scout and his goal is to attend West Point. I don’t get what is going on.

IMHO I believe its fear and trust, ever since the Columbine High School incident in the Denver area, parents have been afraid for thier childrens safety outside thier control, and with the media infaturation with sensationism in reporting news, it has caused an adverse effect by keeping people on a emotional edge and thus the situation we are now seeing in our school systems with the zero tolerance policies being enforced. Just my opinion…

Not that i am keeping track But just wanted to point out you may want to borrow my spell checker. I guess we both butcher the English Language as you pointed out to me.
I believe it is called Zero tolerance meaning no weapons allowed. 45 days suspension is excessive for a pocket Knife.
But on the other hand we had 2 situations where hand guns were found on kids last week. One shot to death last year. Being a Boy Scout or honor student does not mean they are exempt for the rules. Common sense in handing out punishment is a different story. Each situation should be looked individually and punishment for the seriousness of the event.

Wayne, do us both a favor, before you start a pissing contest, find an english teacher before you start critiqueing my writing skills…:wink:

Another attempt to cover one’s azz.

I was not starting a pissing contest but pointing out no one is perfect. .**Critiquing **is not my goal in life . Lots of writing errors on here by most of the HI , Most do not try to belittle someone. I know my writing skills are far from perfect, And as most on here i do not make a point to criticize someone for it because i didn’t agree with a view. Perhaps a lesson somewhere.:wink: