New Radon Law in Kentucky. Scroll down to the radon section.

The law says you have to have GL insurance, but the Department says E&O insurance in the application. BIG difference. We’ll have to get that sorted out.

Radon laws and regulations implemented in 2011 here in Kansas are in jeopardy of being removed. No enforcement. No one is watching mitigation companies, installations of equipment, or calibration of testing equipment. They are only requiring that you send numbers, results, and addresses every quarter, any of which can be manipulated. Mitigation companies are refunding testing fees if the buyers decide for the same company to do the mitigation if high levels are found. This is a huge conflict of interest. Many home owners are doing radon testing themselves, side-stepping the laws.

In my own home that I purchased last year, I had many problems with the testing company hired by the then owner, who faked high readings, and installed poor equipment before I moved in. I reported the company, with no penalty.

Any law started by any state will never serve the home buyer/consumer. It only allows for state to reap revenue from educational providers and fees from mitigation people and companies. Follow the money.

Good Morning, Can you help me with a question? What kind of classes or licensing requirements do I need for Kentucky and Ohio, and can i get them through you?

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According to law what are GL insurance and E&O insurance?

InterNACHI members are exempt by court injunction. Non-member competitors have to buy expensive, useless insurance.