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I am trying to get some information about who if any the Governing agencies or Departments are in the states of KY, OHIO, and IND. I have taken and passed both a Home Inspection course and a Radon Measurement course. I now would like to get started in the Home Inspection Industry in these states but I keep getting different answers as to whether there are Certification requirements or Licensing requirements by these states. Could someone tell me if there are certification and licensing requirements in these states for someone wanting to do Radon Measurements or Home Inspections and if so who to contact. Thanks icon_question.gif

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There are certification requirements in Ohio and Indiana for radon testing. You can contact the state health departments. Kentucky is trying to get their certification requirements in place, but they have no state budget as of today so that is in limbo. There is a KREIA meeting in Northern Kentucky Tuesday the 13th. Info at www.kreia.org. We will be discussing the license requirements at this meeting, plus having a guest speaker. All you have to do is show up and pay for your meal. If you have any questions you can e-mail me at the KREIA web-site. By the way KREIA is the Kentucky Real Estate Inspection Association.

Tom Turner
President of KREIA

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Don’t worry too much about the budget in KY affecting licensing. It’s a moot point. I rewrote the licensing for home inspectors in KY and have already gathered up enough political support/votes to get it thru the first of the year. Existing licensing will be scrapped.

Nick Gromicko



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