Size of Roofing Nail???

This was found at today’s inspection, this is the size of roofing nail found used to nail down the shingles.

Thank you, for you input in advance. I will show you the roof later.


The nails never penetrated the sheathing.


I’ve seen the short nails used when shingling over an open eave where the bottom of the roof deck shows from below, on the exterior they seemed to hold fine, the rest of the roof was done with 1 1/2" nails.

Would you say this roof was nailed correctly?

What part of town did you find that one in Buck?

How old is it?

Is it a re-roof?


It is in a rural area, new roof 4 years ago. The big storm Friday night did not help anything.

Those winds were something else.

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Were those tabs installed properly? It looks like the top layer was brought down on the bottom layer just barely enough to touch the glue strip.


And they probably set their nails too deep with the coil nailer. It looked like the wire was on the nail picture that Buck posted.

I think that was just residue from the fiberglass.

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aaahh, I see it now after a closer look.


So it is true what they say!

Size and penetration does matter!!


It is a piece of wire on the size of the nail.

The wire is what holds the nails together in the coils for the air nailer.

Just for the record, the length of the nails was probably not an issue…they’re still there, while the shingles tore loose around the nailheads.
Sometimes the nails are fired in on an angle, tearing the asphalt. :mad: If not, then they went in too deep and/or the glue strips failed as pointed out above.

John Kogel

Is this home in a high wind area? If so…they should have applied a hand-tabbing of tar adhesive to the underside of these shingles and better nailing than commonly practiced would have helped. Too late now…

For my own purposes, I always require high wind nailing (6 nails per shingle as opposed to 4) and all nailing is to be done by hand. I would never hire a roofer who uses gun nails on a roof; and the length, at least locally for a new roof (single layer) is 1 1/4 inches.