# 2 Google Site Week Old

I’ve been preaching all along…

Alt Tags = Name them.

This is the main basics there is more but make these a priority.

Contractorofficepro is only a week and half old and I’m #2 on Google when I search Contractor Office Professional in my area. May be different in your area but it goes to show if you pay attention to the above and have alittle patience your chances of being on the top of search engines will be greatly increased and over time you may be picked up for additional key words. PLEASE DO NOT buy into a SEO company who states they “WILL” put you on a search engine. No one has control over Google, Yahoo or anyone else. What they need to do is have the ability to increase your changes with good SEO. If you don’t want to listen to me listen to DOM (HIP) and follow his tips on his website. If you want a professional site and logo I’m ready when you are.

That’s great!! I searched Contractor Office Professional St. Louis and couldn’t find you. Aren’t you in St. Louis Billy?

Contractor Office Professional Bethalto IL#1 on Google Linus

I’m not located in St. Louis.

#2 Nationally I think any way not sure how it pops up in your area if you just type in Contractor Office Pro and Contractor Office Professional I’m #4 on first page already. :slight_smile:

Bottom line is I just bought the domain and built the page and I’m on a search engine in the blink of an eye.

And I bet if everyone Googles “Billy Boerner”, you would also come up on the first page! Duh!

lol I would explain the purpose of this thread to you but don’t have a week to do so. To busy. :wink:

Actually it is ranked high because it is new and has not hit the sandbox yet plus it is a niche site.

I can buy ChicagoPalmtrees.com and be #1 the next day or write any article on active rain and be number one depending on which keywords I use.
The whole secret is niche keywords.

Now take a guy in a major city who is low ranked and turn him #1 in a short time and I will be impressed.

I should offer you $500 to make one of my niche sites number one on google for home inspection.
That would prove you are good .

Let me know if you accept.

Actually will bump that up some if you take the challenge.

Must appear #1 for Home inspection,Chicago Home inspection or Chicago home inspector.

Have several seasoned sites that would actually make it easy.

Bob is right to some extent IMO. However my point of this thread is you must set up good SEO to make a search engine and stay on one but pay close attention to Bob’s comments he can buy a URL and be #1 next day. Not 100% true… Like I said no one can “promise” you anything on any search engine nor does anyone truly know what Google is thinking. And certainly just buying a domain name will not do anything until you put some code out on a server. Will Bob most likely be #1 yes after he codes his site… very possible from past experience people have encounted but a website without good SEO tactics is like comparing apples to oranges when competing with those sites that does have good SEO.

Many of us can thank Dom for all of his help and guidance to grow our website presence…for free. Thanks Dom.

Bet you I can show up #1 for keywords I choose in one day.
Would you like a wager ?

Never wake up a sleeping lion.:twisted:

Yes and terms that are less relevant or do not have as much competition are much, much easier to rank high.

I have over 50 sites Billy and would be happy to pay you your $299 fees or whatever they are if you can rank me on page 1 of Google for competitive terms in my Atlanta market :wink:

Serious offer. We’ll try one site and take it from there. Especially in 2 weeks…

I’m ranked #1 every where for a house on a rock home inspections :wink:

And then you have this


Buy a domain name, ANY domain name. Make it as crappy as you want. Make it the worst possible domain name that ever existed!

Build a website based upon that crap domain name.

Do virtually NOTHING on SEO except for basic stuff to get the name onto the open web.

Google the EXACT NAME of the domain, just as Billy has done with his domain name. (Note: his domain name is exactly the same as his business name… for a reason).

Once the domain is active AND the name has been exposed to the open internet, and has been indexed by the search engine you are searching (easy to submit to Google, by the way)… the domain will ALWAYS come up in the first few results UNLESS another virtually identical but older site is already listed there.

There is no magic involved. Do not be duped into paying for these results.

Don’t believe me?

Google your NAME, not your business name, your personal name, exactly as it is spelled on your website, or other locations on the internet. Bet it comes up in the first couple of results. Did you SEO your name? Didn’t think so.

I was making a joke BTW

Billy you have become an overnight sensation. Fame and fortune seeks you via SEO. LOL :lol::lol::lol:

The old adage holds true. “Those who can’t …”

But Jeff Google’s motto is “Do no evil”
How could they ever be wrong ?

If people are searching for these services, are they going to Google “contractor office professional”? No…they’re going to search for the individual services…web design, business coach, answering service, etc. I think this will be a tough one to rely on strictly via SEO. You may have better luck via social media and word of mouth. Twitter may actually be useful in this situation.


Billy, tried to pm you with some advice but your box is full!

Yea I’ve been sitting here in the software showoff. Great show by the way. By the way guys Jeff and Bob has nailed it. They are right will I ever get to the top of keywords such as answering service, web design, business coach and such on a national level? Who knows but I have as good of a chance as anyone and only the search engine God’s knows this answer. With home inspectors though like Bob said it’s a niche because frankly you’re only competing in your area and there’s not a ton of them typically and where there is alot 60% or better have no idea how to do a website so walla you’re on the front page #1 if you give your website a chance to compete by coding it properly. Don’t believe me I’m only #1 in a decent size market.

Thomas just deleted old mail. Resend. Thank you sir.