New site to help members increase their SEO now lists # of members in each province.

Thanks Nick, is there any way that we could add our listing to a city such as Ottawa? Where I live is only a small village and I am pushing hard this year for Ottawa.

When I used the search function, and looked for home inspectors in British Columbia this is what I received …


We were’t able to find anywhere matching “, BC” in our location databases. It was also not found on Google Maps or other geocoding sources. Please make sure you didn’t make a typo, and try again.

Thank you for using InspectorSeek!

You must include a City or zip code also.

Very nice, Nick.

How about feeding Google that URL. It’s not cached yet.

56 member from Alberta translate into $15,028.00 in dues to NACHI up from 28 members and $8092.00 last year.

Awsome job as usual Nick and Staff.
Thank you