New Skylight

Amateur installation…

How did you write that one up?


  • Defective installation of Skylight, Flashing and Roofing.
  • Recommend repair with replacement of improperly installed materials.

You seemed too have had a very interesting week Joe…:lol:

It might need a low-slope roof adapter, too. Check the manufacturer’s lierature for roof slope limitations.

I think you may be being too kind when you say amateur.

There is no licensing of Contractors in this State.

It is truly unfortunate that the Homeowner paid someone for this installation.

Anyone may call themselves a “Professional” Roofer, Plumber, Electrician, etc…

Home owner install they didn’t want to own up to?

E for effort
F for flunked construction 101

Face nailing etc. Recommend licensed and qualified roofer for evaluation and pricing of repairs.