Roof Issues from Inspection

Happy Saturday! Today, I conducted a roof inspection and discovered some potential issues with the side of the roof that was re-done by a roofer in fall 2022. The ridge was loose, there was no flashing around the skylight, and I noticed some staining on the inside of the house. Although I didn’t find any direct defects on the other side of the staining, it seems to be in the lower area where I detected potential water seepage in the ridge.

Considering these findings, I should recommend another roofer to conduct a further evaluation? During the inspection I learned that the client also may go after the previous roofer for poor workmanship. If anyone has additional insights based on the pictures and assessment, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Yes, note your observations and refer to a roofing contractor. That roof has issues from what I’ve observed from your pictures.


I see flashing. It looks terrible but it’s there. :man_shrugging:

Horizontal skylights are pretty rare and likely more prone to leak with that wide side catching all the water IMO


It looks like a Wasco skylight. The builder builds and flashes the curb, and the skylight lips over the flashing.


I’d report the long list of issues observed, including the ceiling stains. My recommendation would be for repair by a professional roofer, not further evaluation. You did the evaluation and the recommendation. You informed your client that significant repair and costs are needed on that roof.


Improper installation was viewed at the ridge and flashings around the skylight (and any other places that were observed - like that valley). It is recommended that a qualified Roofing Contractor make repairs and corrections as needed.

Mosture stains and mosture damage was viewed on the ceiling surface materials in the XXXXroom. Recommended to have a qualified drywall Contractor make repairs as needed.