The home is a 1995 Colonial. There are 4 skylights and 3 of them had indications of moisture at the interior drywall.

I recommended a qualified roofer to review the exterior skylights and seal & repair as needed.

My question pertains to the curb for the skylights.

The code check states that a 4" curb is needed if the roof slope is <3/12.
This roof is > then 3/12. The curb on these skylights are < 4".

I normally see the 4" curb on roofs > 3/12.

What are your opinions on the 4" curb for skylights and the skylight in the picture with the < 4" curb?

105007 008 (Small).jpg

105007 008 (Small).jpg

105007 043 (Small).jpg

2 kinds of skylights those that have leaked and those that will leak.

There are self-flashing flush mount units available, these work about as well as self-flashing windows.

Did I say leaks will occur?

This is what I tell my clients. Like you say they either are leaking or will leak. Just like basements.

Exactly I like skylights but it is a case of when will it leak.

I always write suspect have it serviced immediately by qualified person.

I know most people will do nothing till it leaks and if they call me I ask did you have it serviced as I recommended.
Gee thats too bad hope it is not too serious.

… Cookie

“I recommended a qualified roofer to review the exterior skylights and seal & repair as needed.”

What does the roofer need to review. You already reviewed it and found it to be leaking. The roofer needs to repair it. (if course he will need to examine it to complete the repair).

Call a professional roofer, this skylight has the roofing installed wrong and flashed improperly, and has nothing to do with the roof pitch.
Just my opinion.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That leak looks uniform on two of the walls. What did the others ones look like. What I’m getting at, do sky lights like on all walls? Not unless they have my luck; so I’m leaning towards an uninsulated skylight well, with a humidity problem. Or in English, condensation.


Good call, Thomas.