New Stucco/Not EIFS

What is the proper name for the new stucco being used. It looks like EIFS, however it is usually installed on an OSB backer board with mesh tape and the stucco coating. The trim is still styrofoam, but the home is not wrapped with it.

Thank you in advance.


Shane are you talking about a Cement Board Stucco System? It is pretty much all that is being installed here currently. It is installed on top of a cement backer board which is on top of OSB. They use foam details just like in an EFIS installation. If so here are some installation guidelines for you.

Here are a few pictures as well.





OSB backer board ??


Do you by chance have any pictures of a job in different stages?

Carl, I am thinking that he is seeing the OSB wall sheeting behind the cement board. If is flashed at the bottom he will not see the cement board. I would hope that it is not directly on top of the OSB!

If it is flashed and the osb is in contact with the moisture at the bottom there will be problems!

The cement board and moisture barrier should be the only thing hidden by the flashing.

That was very helpful. I do not have stage inspection pics, but I will. I’ll go to some job sites here and ask questions.

thanks again

By the way, yes it does have the OSB backer. It was visible under a couple windows and under deck. So I called out for proper sealant and/or flashing


Thanks for the link Foxe. I’ve been needing some good literature on stucco.


That pdf is for cement board stucco. Here is a link to a pdf on efis from my web site. Basically the same instalation guidelines…