New thermographer needs advise

I will be needing to have a camera and certification for upcoming insurance inspections with cost to cure added.

I don’t know much about thermography so I’m an open book.
Time and cost are important, don’t want to waste time on a bull**** class, don’t want to spend good money on it either.

Can any of you real thermographers offer suggestions?


The nachi class is a good introductory class.

I will need certification when arguing with the adjuster. I’ll check it out.

That’s the class I’m going to be taking. The nachi class does get you nachi certification.

The 16 hour home inspector class is only $195 for nachi members. Regular price is $995. It includes certification. I’ve heard it’s a good class. I was planning to start with that and then move on to Level 1.

I would recommend clarifying with them what type and level of certification they require. Then, you’ll know what’s next to do.

Hi, Paul.


And if you have an iPhone, watch

Thanks Ben and all others who helped with advice.

The Infraspection course for home inspectors is the best choice for Nachi members. This will get your feet wet. But, for arguing:shock: with appraisers or other situations in an expert capacity, Level I (focusing on building science) should be your minimum target, and then a lot of practice. Infraspection will let you credit the initial course learning toward your Level I.

Good to know. Thanks Brad

Looks like I’m leaning to an E8 camera and the Infraspect Level 1 course after I finish the free Internachi classes.

With luck I am up and running in a month.

To be clear, I will be doing insurance inspections for a water damage contractor which will include my working with Xactimate estimating software. I have Xactimate experience.
On home inspections I will offer IR only for a fee, no free IR no matter what other guys are doing. I dont see paying $3500 for a camera and working for free.

You’ll be happy with Infraspection…It is good you’re going with 320 x 240 IR resolution minimum.

Here are some options:

Or, ask for one in our classified forum area. You never know what will pop up.

$3000 is my limit unless I start booking more inspections. So far this year I paid for braces on my 17 year old and just picked up my 19 year old from surgery for removing 4 (wow) wisdom teeth. Insurance only paid part and nothing for the braces. Todays bill came in at $100 a minute, I couldn’t believe it but with a straight face they gave me the bill, co pay Daddy and we take cash, check or Visa.

Looks like it will be a used camera.

I very much appreciate the advice, so again, thanks.

Obama, please help:roll:

Here’s a free webinar that will help you determine your IR equipment needs.

Infraspection is the way to go to get your certification.

Pretty awesome to see that your services are in demand without even having them in place yet! To already receive the prospective business from the remediation contractor is very cool! I think that’s great!
I earn quite a bit of income directly and indirectly from insurance companies, as well as because of their requirements imposed on the insured. Most providers are well aware of the disparities between training regimens and quality of equipment used. In my experience, many insurance providers have placed restrictions on who can perform IR services for their needs by enforcing or mandating minimum education and equipment standards/requirements for IR service providers. Most of the developed requirements that I have seen have required at least Level I certification to assure competency based on the application… Many often require Level II or higher. There certainly are “BS” classes offered… Obtaining Level I and eventually Level II are certainly not categorized among them! None of the Level I, Level II, or specific application classes I have taken have ever resulted in wasted time. In fact, as many others can attest to, the more the level of competency you obtain is directly proportional to the fees you can charge, job inquiries you will receive, jobs you can accept, and profit you will make!
As someone else pointed out, it may benefit you to see if any of the insurance providers your contractor is working for has adopted similar restrictions. This may also help you to set your initial equipment and training budgets in order to achieve your immediate goals.

Best of luck to you Paul in beginning this endeavor!!!

Thanks Bill, your encouragement is appreciated.

Paul there is a lot about this business that you don’t see I have two business Freedom Express Inspections and CMOR thermal imaging I want you to say my IR company’s name very very slowly SEE MORE. I operate these two business separately from each other but do you really think I do not use my IR in my home inspection business as a marketing tool. To me that is just silly thinking. Freedom Express Inspections is the only inspection company in the State of Okla with a level lll thermographer that has incorporated company standard IR into a home inspection and over time has produced dividends above and beyond any other marketing approach I have taken including CMI and the buy back program which at this particular time I am utilizing all three marketing approaches and will try to determine which of the three produces the overall best results

BTW yesterday I was a 100% on my bookings 7 calls and 7 bookings only 1 of the 7 asked what my price was. Offer quality, provide quality and the rest of the story will follow you to your bottom line$$$$$$

Good advice Charlie