New tower hill requirements

**Tower Hill insurance company does some work here in the Panhandle and they have THEIR new requirements for 4-points. I am attaching a copy of an internal memo for clarification and to give everyone a heads up. Mostly they are requiring photos of items that I never included in a 4-point. **

Yes, some companies are requiring these photos now. As their requirements grow, so should our fees.

Thanks…time to add this to nachi 4 point.
Never understood why it was not part of 4 point.
Murphys law - 1. homeowner never turns off washer supply…
2. the hose always breaks when homeowner is on vacation!

Anyone care to guess why the insurance inspections are growing the requirements ???

Because of all the home inspectors providing mini home inspections and calling them 4 point inspections.

Never give them more than you must or they will always expect it. Remember who your customer is.

HEY -I Resemble that remark!!

Thanks for the reminder, I believe this was posted about a month ago (it started Mike on a tirade then too)

ssshhh…do not poke a sleeping Meeker!

That is all I have to say about it .

At least for now :slight_smile:

I’ve always included these in the 4 point. I take off the panel box cover and inspect, and take shots of all the valves under sinks and water closets. Just more o “cover my *ss” than to help them out but the last thing I want is them coming back on me for anything!

This is gonna get the Meeker fired up…

Take a pic of the open service cabinet or take off the deadfront…hhhmmmmmmm!

i ALWAYS REMOVE THE DEADFRONT. sry bout the caps.

I like their requirements much better. I hope their customers tell me it is for them. That will speed up the inspection :slight_smile: