Tower Hill Requirements

FYI, I just received an email with the following attachment. Some of us currently provide photos with 4-pt inspections and some do not. However, Tower Hill has came out with specific requirements for 4-pt inspections.


Thanks for the information.

Tower Hill,

Seeing that there is no uniform 4 Point inspection form in the State of Florida I suggest you tell your customers of these requirements BEFORE they acquire their own 4 point inspections.

Its going to get out of hand…This is just the tip of the iceburg. They are going to want more and more and more…

Yep. Each company will have to tell us in advance what they want then we will price accordingly.

Funny how this crap did not start happening until folks started doing mini home inspections instead of what had been acceptable for many years.

Told Ya all. :slight_smile:

Let the games begin. Who do you think will follow suite and what will THEIR requirements be?

Now we can all raise our prices for the four-points just for taking ten pictures!:mrgreen::mrgreen:

I may start pricing my inspections based on the number of pictures taken, then again, the last one I did had over 200 pictures and at five bucks each…:shock::shock:

OIR will most likely have to step in and come up with a state form…that should be fun!:roll::roll:

Did you take 200 picts for a 4 point?

Sort of…:mrgreen::mrgreen:


Prior to Tower Hill or any other insurer making such demands on their customer base and requiring any particular methodology for the 4point inspections they should have made application to OIR for such changes.

Homeowners are going to hire personnell unaware that the rules have been modified who will in good faith provide reports which are unsatisfactory. If the insurer feels the need to have this information delivered in a manner of their choosing they they should in fact be paying for it themselves out of the premium recieved from independent lisenced proffessionals.