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Not sure if this is the best place for this post, if not advise me and I can take it there. I am an inspector in Texas and I use Homegauge Software. I got an email today saying that I needed to upload an different TREC Standard PDF form as required by the state. My question is do I need to resend all my reports for this year in this new form???:neutral:


You have been REQUIRED by TREC to be using the 7-3 template since 01/01/2014.

That template was approved in May of 2013 … plenty of time for you to get your report software in order.

There was no overlap. It was a hot cut from the old 7-2 to the new 7-3 template.

Every report you have delivered with the old template has left you wide open and subject to cumulative fines from TREC

With all the notices provided by TREC you don’t have any excuse for not using the proper template.

You need to ask TREC Legal this question … not a national inspection forum even if there are many Texas HIs who read it. They (the HIs) don’t administer the requirements or rulings that TREC will.

BTW - HomeGauge was advised of the new template requirements in May/June of 2013. They had more than enough time to provide you with an updated, compliant 7-3 template. BUT … it is your responsibility to provide the approved template to your clients.


Nolan Kienitz
TREC #7095

I have had the updated 7.3 form since January 1 but they are now saying TREC is also requiring a PDF Style also, which they just posted.


“Who” is saying a PDF is needed? Virtually all software applications produce a PDF that is delivered to the client.

The 7-3 template that is required by TREC is posted on the TREC website as a PDF. That is the basis for what the software applications copy for their programs.

You need to be more clear about just what you are saying as it is rather muddy in my mind for now.

Is HomeGauge stating that a PDF is needed?

What is the final product from your HomeGauge application? What do you deliver to your clients?


Nolan K.
TREC #7095