Is this CPVC water line layout acceptable?

Hello Inspection Gurus. I’m in Ohio assisting on an inspection for someone that is getting work done on a home they are looking to purchase, while the rehab crew is in the midst of working. I have a few questions and like answer asap if you could please: 1. This is CPVC pipe correct (it is more beige and PVC is white I believe)? 2. Can this CPVC be ran like this as majority of water lines I’ve seen in houses were all copper. Specifically looking at how the CPVC is ran it hardly has any mounting brackets to wall, ceiling fixtures, and you can even see how some sag or bend up. Is this acceptable or would this be written up as a major finding and or what action should be taken?

It needs to be supported.

Major deficiency? Well, using the term “major” is subjective. However, it is not professionally installed and the consequence is difficult to predict. Will the sagging promote leaking or cracking at joints/unions and stress the pipe? It is possible. Which is one reason why code addresses pipe support.

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@ Brian Cawhern thank you so much for your immediate reply sir! Always appreciate the knowledge/feedback from this forum as I try to continuously improve and learn.

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For the record. I personally would call this out, but not with any alarming verbiage. Basically an improper install in need of correction to prevent further damage. Also, this would put me on high alert for other plumbing issues in the home considering the poor craftmanship illustrated here which is likely replicated in other areas.

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Don’t know, what did the printing on the pipe say?
(I have never seen CPVC without the info printed on it, so if no info… call it out as potentially NOT CPVC)!
Note: If on the HOT water side… PVC is NOT allowed and must be CPVC or better quality piping.


So did they get permits for that job? LOL

CPVC was always a good choice in high crime areas where the copper would get stolen as fast as you could install it. Of course today if you go to cash in a boatload of copper pipe they take your picture and a DNA sample before they pay you. :+1:


You want a hanger or other support about every 3 or 4 feet on horizontal runs.


Where are you located?

Edward you can’t say that it is not code compliant. But I can say that. And since we are both members You can say that you consulted with me and that I said that there are multiple code violation seen in the picture.

You may print this and use it in your report.

Michael R. Parks
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Yes you may call me.

:man_facepalming: here we go…

Dont use the 4 letter “C” word!! But feel free to call out any “Concerns” you have in your report!



Or is this a joke?


Deadly. He is asking for expert advise and that is what he got. That’s why getting state certified is important. It gives you permission to say certain things that others can not. I recommend at least getting ICC certified if you want to dive into code. That may offer you some protection when giving expert opinions.

No I can’t tell you about the layout, 1 because I did not see it in person and 2 I do not have the approved iso.

Parks self-aggrandizement knows no end. He knows everything! 'Cept he is not a Home Inspector and not licensed to inspect anything!

Only licenses that show in Ohio

I expect to get DOUBLE notice for this!


Mike, you can ignore me and everything I say. This is for the OP.

Edward, do not do this!

There is a simple report narrative formula. It does not include printing statements off of a message board :smiley: Furthermore, it was a good question to bring to the forum, hope to see you around!


So which is it, you can say it is not code compliant or you can’t say because you were not there? A bit hypocritical don’t you think?


JC! I think you Ohio Boys/Girls should just change all your narratives to make your inspection reporting easier and make sure the Demi-Demigods (Wannabe Demigods) don’t climb up your ass and put you out of business and in jail! How about this for a new protective narrative?

It’s broke!

Damn that should keep you out of the Demi-Demigod’s aim of fire and make your reporting easier! :roll_eyes:


“Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm – but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.”

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This describes Mike Parks to a T


The installation has violations that I see. The other part is about information that I do not possess. The installation above does not meet the OPC.

It is really better now. Once everyone understands the rules.

Why are you so obsessed with rules that don’t affect you?

What Bob said!

I looked for the word code in the question the gentleman asked about the CPVC piping, I did not see the word code, again one of the reasons it’s difficult to read this forum sometimes because some of you guys are always banging on your chests.


I don’t think that works either, because he isn’t “licensed” to say anything is broke!

Apparently all he can say is “I think there is a problem here, not sure if it is or not, not sure why either, so you’d better pay someone else who is more qualified than me to come in and look at it”
Oh, and you’d better pay a roofer, an electrician, an hvac guy, oh, and an engineer to come look at the home for you…
Basically, thanks for the $450, see you later"!