New Wave Aquarium?

Look here:

Send me your favorite image so that I can have it published in your name in EC&M magazine.

PS: My calling card is attached, soon to be available as the cover for a new electrical inspection pocket guide for Home Inspectors.

I liked the on off switch on the “flash cooker”

Welcome Joe to the new board. NACHI MEMBER… Like everyone says the past is in the past. Onward and Upward! Peace, and Joy in the New Year!:mrgreen:

lol…Yeah I love the fish bowl one. You know right after the inspector left the dude went and bought a fish…just as a conversation piece.

Thanks Ben.

I guess I should have pointed out that the article was sent to over 250,00 people who subscribe to the EC&M magazine, so as I have in the past, I took an image sent to me by a NACHI member Phil Petroska giving him credit and also mentioning NACHI.

Where esle can we get anymore exposure? I mean well, meant well in the past, and will look for oppurtunities to meet in person so that we can see eye too eye.