New wind/pressure rated door

The front door was replaced with a new door and frame unit that has a proper tag on it.
There is no permit on file for the installation.

It appears fine but cannot verify that it was installed properly.

Would you mark that the opening was properly protected per the OIR-1802 requirements?

I would not pull a permit to replace my front door.

Don’t worry about that . It doesn’t ask if it was installed properly.

Permits are required for any window or exterior door installation by AHJ. But, you are right concerning the 1802. Other verification is needed.

What are you saying about other verification being needed?

Not necessarily, you can replace one exterior door in a 12 month period with no permit…or something along those lines. I’m sick today and taking it easy so I’ll spare you guys with the copy and paste :slight_smile:

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Proper documentation and/or labeling/watermarks for impact standards listed on the 1802. Just a note: Verifying installation as per approval is beyond the scope of a wind mit, unless of course it’s an obvious FUBAR.

Same here…you ain’t so bad.:wink: I think you are referring to the 25% rule for opening protection. In my area, all exterior windows and doors are not to be installed without a permit, period. This is to ensure a licensed installer is doing the work, and the unit has an approval, at least design pressure testing.

That’s not the one…can’t remember if it’s in Existing or Building chapter 1…maybe chapter 3…

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That is a fantasy. The frigging carpenters put all my windows and doors in .
I do check them out when they are done.

Absoultely correct Sir.

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Your carpenters work for you, right? You are the contractor/licensee of record for any build you are doing. The windows and doors still need to have an approval and are included in the parent permit. We are talking mostly about replacement windows and doors, but you do what you want.

Don’t get your panties in a knot Brad… I agree…Huh?
But, If I was putting in a new front door at my place I assure you I won’t pull a frigging permit…Answer honestly…Would you ?

Here, if project cost is over $1500, permit is required. Permitted doors have a set of plans that come with the door, any good installer will instruct the home owner on the importance of keeping the paperwork. Installers are required to not seal/ caulk screw heads or remove any stickers pertaining to the door ratings at time of installation until after code inspector has passed it. The good code inspectors will bring a screw gun and check that not only are the screws properly spaced but they are indeed the recommended length and diameter. Although many inspectors do not do this. There is usually two sets of tapcon or screw plans, one for the bucks and one for the jambs, although no way for the inspector to check proper screw and screw placement in the bucks after installation. Plans will also have different options for type of construction. Every impact rated door I have seen has been more than $1500 to purchase and install, and hence had the documentation. There are a lot of people in this area upgrading to impact doors for insurance purposes.

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Had a carpenter come install a new door frame and door back in 04. Needed somebody to get it done in a day. When Charley blew through the door stayed and the rest of the house went to crap.

They still around? :mrgreen:

All of the cities below require permits for door replacement. In fact, I haven’t found a city yet that didn’t.

From Coconut Creek:

A Building Permit is required for all new construction, any alteration, replacement or removal of any existing structure of any discipline in accordance with the Florida Building Code. Disciplines include structural, electrical, plumbing and mechanical (A/C). The Building Division provides many services to residents, builders and contractors; enabling the City to maintain high standards of building integrity and to preserve neighborhood property values. Staff is available to assist and guide homeowners and contractors through the permit process on new construction, renovations and adding to an existing structure. - See more at:

From the City of Margate:
A building permit is required to:

Construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, remove, or demolish any building, structure, or any part thereof; or any equipment, device or facility therein or thereon; or to change the Occupancy of a building from one use Group to another requiring greater strength, means of egress, fire, and sanitary provisions; or to change to an unauthorized or prohibited use; or to install or alter any equipment for which provision is made or the installation of which is regulated by this code; without first having filed application and obtained a permit therefore from the Building Official. A permit shall be deemed issued when signed by the Building Official and impressed with the seal of the governmental agency issuing said permit.

Included but not limited to:
New Buildings Additions Alterations
Assisted Living Facilities Porch Enclosures Porches
Carport Enclosures Exterior Door Replacement Water Heaters
Air Conditioning Equipment Changes Hurricane Shutters Re-Roofing
Installation of Electrical Systems Window Replacement Signs
Swimming Pools/Spas Wind Breaker Systems Patios
Installation of Electrical Devices & Fixtures Screen Enclosures Security Systems
Driveways/Walks/ Generator Slabs Addition of Plumbing Fixtures Standby Generators
Replacement of Sewer & Water Lines Installation of Backflow Preventers Sheds
Re-Certification of Backflow Preventers Installation of Siding/Soffit/Fascia Canopies

Oakland Park:


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Permits…Permits…We don’t need no stink’in permits! :mrgreen: