New York State approves classroom courses based on InterNACHI's inspection textbooks.

Many thanks to member David Andrick of A-1 Continuing Education Services for his help in getting these courses approved.
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Interesting information if true. Checking the link however does not provide, as far as I can see, any information indicating such overall general approval.

Based on existing approval standards for CE programs, each course curriculum has to be individually submitted, by each school using said course, for approval. Has this facility indeed submitted individual InterNACHI Courses for approval?

Likewise, as owner of a New York State Approved Home Inspector Training and Continuing Education School, I have received no such information from the New York Department of State, Division of Licensing Services.

Can you supply a copy of such general approval documentation? Having such would tremendously widen the scope of available continuing education programs.

Tom Valosin
ASKUS Consulting Services LLC
ASKUS Consulting Services Home Inspector Training & Continuing Education

I’m told he submitted two of our textbooks as the curriculum for his classroom courses and the courses were approved. Why wouldn’t they be? They are great courses.

Thanks Nick,

That is what I suspected actually happened. It was not as I had hoped a “general blanket acceptance of all” InterNACHI Courses.

The individual school still has to submit a request for approval for each course. Its’ a good money maker for the State. If InterNACHI has 100 courses and each has to be submitted for approval at the mandated $25.00 per course, thats’ a $2500.00 cost for that school. In turn, each school has to individually submit each course. The dollars run up rather quickly, for what becomes a 5 minute approval by the State.

Have a great Holiday.

Tom Valosin

Yep. The state is raking it in approving the same InterNACHI courses over and over.

Hey, how about I pay all the state fees for your school to submit every InterNACHI course for approval? If you are willing to submit them, I’m willing to pay all the fees.

This is a bif step forward for all of NACHI…good times ahead.:cool:


An interesting offer, but do I detect a note of justified sarcasm? There is no way that InterNACHI should bear the entire load and it would be, in my opinion, unjustified, inappropriate and greedy for the schools to expect the organization to do so.

I think it would be more appropriate if the State would approve the programs, then, if the school wished to use a particular presentation, the school would submit a reasonable user fee, per subject, (similar to the State Fee) to InterNACHI. I think that would be fair since the school would not have to re-invent the wheel developing the presentation and it would save the school details of the repeated curriculum submission. That, in turn, would make the State more efficient (HAH-HAH, like that would happen) and the owner of the course - InterNACHI - would benefit from the user fee.
I think a user fee is justified; a School should not get carte blanche access to use the courses; You and the InterNACHI education program make extensive efforts to develop the courses and should receive some compensation.


Don’t need any. Our bank accounts are flowing over. We don’t mind paying the state fees.

Okay Nick,

On that basis, when I return Stateside (spending December with family in Australia) I will contact you and we can make arrangements to see just what can be done within the present parameters of the Dept of State / Division of Licensing Services.



and lets get the online CE courses accepted in NY. They are by far better then the courses being offered.

Yes I agree.

Ken & David,
One step at a time! On line course acceptance will require some major changes in the way the law regarding HI Licensing Education is written. Submission of course curriculum for face to face presentation fits within the existing rules. I agree some presentations have been rather uninspired. When accepted for presentation the InterNACHI courses will make CE much more enjoyable for the participants.
I also believe the opportunity for interaction between inspectors at “in person” presentations is also very valuable. I am not downgrading on line programs in of themselves but that interaction is missing in on line CE.


I can agree about the interaction, but I don’t want the conversation during a coffee break to be about how terrible the class is.:mad: Having an online course available to inspectors will inspire (hopefully) classroom instructors to offer more interesting and educational classes.

P.S. enjoying your vacation mate?

+1 :roll:

Great vacation Dave! Shorts, cutoffs, bathing suit and tee shirts are the order of the day. Shoes only when going into Sydney, otherwise barefoot. Averaging about 85 F. Bet the cold will seem extra bad when we arrive back upstate!

I do try to keep the classes interesting and informative so the coffee break time is positive. Please, if you ever find it is not be sure to let me know! I have been in those “not up to spec” classes and I hate 'em too.

Ken, please consider participating at the New York Capital Region Chapter meetings on the second Wednesday of each month at Doratos Restaurant, Rts 155 & 20 in Guilderland. Meetings start 6:15 PM


Just to keep those that have followed this thread informed --I have contacted Nick so we can get things going.