newbie needing help

Hey beautiful people!
I’m a young woman who followed her Daddy around as a child and loved watching him build :slight_smile: now that I’m an adult I started taking it a bit more seriously. This is what I want to do with my life, I know a fair bit about homes and now would like to know more to become a home inspector. and become a successful business woman!

As I start this journey, is there any advice anyone would have? What should I study first? Any study tips?

Thanks so much! Hope to build some good connections!

Take as many courses here as you can. Everyone has a weak area. Focus on those areas and you will be just fine.
On a side note you should fill out your profile so we know where you are from. That way you get the help you need from the people in your area.

Is that why I got the e-mail from you. Sorry Angilina Greg is right and it is best you start right where you are.
There is no short cut and even I would say don’t fall for any short cut.
$50,000 worth of value to stick with InterNachi and learn.

Greg is right, figure out your weak areas (foundation, framing, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, etc.) and rank them in a list. Start taking courses in those areas and reading the questions of other on this forum in those categories.

Get yourself copies of constructions standards, code books, local codes, etc. so you have them on hand(preferably digital versions) when needed. Alternatively look at the link library here on NACHI for reference material.

Figure out your reporting software and download a trial copy to look through. Also download as many examples of reports as you can get your hands on, especially from your competitors. Start writing out how you want to report on common issues in the home, it will help you figure out your preferred style of reporting.

Call every competitor you have and ask them for the cost of their inspection. type what they say and don’t ask follow-up questions. You will quickly see who is professional and who is not.

All of this is market research and is invaluable when starting a business.

Start here Find out what you do not know

That’s so cool. I have brought my daughter to several inspections and they were my favorite inspections.
My advice: Be patient. I am re-starting my business and I’m slow.

Best of luck to you!