Greetings all.
Just wanted to introduce myself as a newbie to the FL NACHI community, I’m setting up shop in Polk County. Reading all of the useful information in the forum has helped lessen my deer in the headlight look.

Doug Weiss
DSA Home Services, LLC

Welcome, Doug.

Welcome Doug … If I can help just ask… Roy

Welcome to the Nachi side! Anything you need let us know!

Tell us about yourself. What is your previous experience, what made you choose this profession?

Welcome Doug

Well I retired at the end of last year after 24 yrs of retail management. I have always had an interest in building, architecture and how the systems if the house function. I guess during the purchase of my last house I was talking to the inspector about the job. So I registered for training, got certified and now I’m wondering what did I get myself into. haa haa. Seems like every page I look at or course I sign up for I’m learning something I didn’t know.
I’m looking forward to the ups & downs of the inspecting world.

Welcome aboard Doug!

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Hello all, I am Alicia and I am new here. I have recently join this community to get in touch with the latest information and make discussion on issues related to different topics.

Welcome enjoy the show :slight_smile:

Welcome Alicia and Doug, get all the training you can, take all the courses you can handle here at InterNACHI and try and do as many ride along’s as you can find with seasoned professionals. I can tell you after 21 years of inspecting I learn something new everyday and an surprised at some of the things I find. Most of all be careful and learn fall protection and ladder safety, wear your face mask and be careful in attics and crawl spaces and I hope you like to sweat. :wink:

Yeah I agree with Fred. Learn from my mistakes and my Hates. ATTICS SUCK :frowning: So does busting your heel from a ladder fall.