Newest Outrage: Marines pee on Taliban

OK, so the new “international outrage” is a video on youtube that shows (allegedly) four Marines taking a piss on the bodies of some dead Taliban “fighters”. Suddenly, Hillary Clinton has her panties in a bunch and Leon Penneta (SECD) is appologizing to Hamed Karzi and the whole world (Europe. Go figure) is aflutter.


  1. Talaban “fighters” are illegal combatants, according to the oh, so hollowed Geneva Convention lovers on the left. Therefore, they are not, legally (international law. Go figure) to be considered to be “protected” under that agreement, or the much older, more respected “rules of war”. This means that they are CRIMINALS, on an international scale, like the Somaly “pirates” and pirates are summarily tried and hung, at least that has been the “legal” precident to some 500 years. Why all the discust?
  2. There is no way that dead people can be “humiliated” by your peeing on them. Sure, their “people” can (Islam thing, go figure), but they chose to mess up their lives, their country and their people. Not, when pay back day arrives, they get all upset. Let’s all cry them a big pool of tears.
  3. What does this so-called “protection” mean anyway. THIS IS WAR!!!
  4. Our side killed them (because they were inferior in the fight (it’s called war for a reason, people) and they just couldn’t cut it, up against the big dogs. If you don’t like it, don’t start a freakin’ war with us.
  5. The Taliban fight from hiding, escape to a foreign country and hide behind so-called international laws that they don’t even subscribe to or honor, then they get upset when their guys are killed (see # 4) and claim that their honor has been hurt. Ohh, I am so sorry that our fighting men have offended your non-existant honor (which includes beating and beheading and stoning your women for showing their faces, you little pis-aunts).
  6. These are Marines. Everybody knows that Marines are crazy M-Fs. What the heck did you expect? Starting a fight, or even entering the field against Marines? Seriously? I mean, aside from Seals or Delta, these are the baddest a**ed fighters in the entire world. You should be honored that they lowered themselves to enev consider baring their male members in your presence. Those “guns” shoot new Marine seed!

Sorry, I am ranting. But it really ticks me off that the world has become so upside-down that this situation is even reported, let alone with such slams against our fine fighting men. These people are so F***ed up that they let their country decend back to the stone ages, and then the U.S.A. has to clean up their messes. And when we do, the whole world (and out own so-called government officials) get so upset and call this an “atrocity”. If you want to see an atrocity, look at the Rape of Nanking (Japs) or the March of Death (Japs) or the entire history of Iran (from pre-biblical times) or Hitler (jews) or Stalin (his own people) or the Greeks vs the Armenians or Pol Pot.

And they get upset about a little peeing? :roll:

Give me a break!

as USA
we are better than…
maybe these Marines forgot that…

Sure, Marines can go overboard. They are Marines, for Gosh Sakes.

But this kind of “outrage” is just plain silly. It’s not Mi Lai, with killed women and children, after all, it’s just 4 dead slimeballs and our guys working off some steam about their killed Brothers.

Tasteless, sure. Outrage? No freakin’ way.

Ironic you mentioned that…
My brother served in Viet Nam
stationed in Da Nangh
and died resultant of Agent Orange Exposure

He always suggested enemy soldiers were comrades at arms.
his kills were not to be disrespected…

maybe something has been lost since 1973?

Is this the public section?

I only responded
i did not initiate this thread…

Joe. The Viet Cong cut off and took ears from our dead soldiers. After awhile, Special Forces, Seals and Delta started returning the favor. And the Cong respected them.

You must always fight the war that the enemy is waging. As the Chicago way states, “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.”

I’m outraged as hell at those Marines! They knew better than to video their actions. They should be court-marshaled for stupidity.

Yes. Miscellaneous Discussion for Inspectors. Open to all and public.


Correct ,however this is a politically charged subject if the thread continues and belongs in the political section of the forum.
All the Archie Bunkers will wish they could pee on dead bodies while Liberals will be appalled and want charges plus prison time.

All comments after mine will prove what I just said correct.:wink:

As quoted from the thread header: “Discuss whatever you wish in this forum.”

Just following the rules, Bob. You don’t like it, tuff titties, guy. Just following the rules. BTW: Archie Bunker was a fictional characters created by a lefty who now funds an anti-American propoganda group. Even so, I likes the show. I always enjoy fiction. :mrgreen:

Also, for your information, this is a war (authorized by Congress, regarless of what Dr. Demento mis-reads in the Constitution. BTW: Dr. Paul voted for military action in Afganistan. That is, by Congressional vote, a “declaration of war”, although he disagrees, now that he is running for Presidentg and wants to totally confuse the issue so that the entire country is as confused as he is) and fighters in war get killed, not arrested and “charged” for “prision time”. That’s why the call it war.

a very good friend of mine
(when picking fights in clubs)
he was a 1st Recon
he left the Bulldog tattoos to me…
He cleaned up the rest

There is more than one type of Marine
They are not all the same…
and should not be characterized as such…

Joe…you do see the irony in my comment, right?

Agreed. My youngest daughter is one and I hev come to know many.

But, they all support one another and so should we.

I agree that this was a stupid action, given the current crazy way the world looks at things and they should not have posted it on YouTube.

That being said, consider how you would feel if you had just lives through a battle against contemptable people who don’t have a grain of honor that the Marines do and who fight, in violation of international law, an illegal war and who are cowards who set up IEDs to kill you and who have killed your friends and fellow Marines. Wouldn’t you want to express your contemempt for them?

Not the wisest method (no arguement!) but completely understandable.

True Marines would never have presented themselves in such a situation.
The video has to be fake…

Guess I can tell Mike and Joe they should post here now.

Bob, all your poste “proves” is that you a) Don’t understand the difference between a TV character and reality and, b) That you don’t understand the difference between war and street crime and that c) You don’t understand politics.

Hope this helps, buddy. Get a freakin’ clue. The world is more than just a union organizing action and you reap what you sow.

Damn…I miss Archie!


The rest of the world understands what is going on.
The program has not changed… Only the world view…

Will, all political
posts are supposed to go in a special section.
Perhaps you never got the memo.Not for everyone(members only) is where the members put this type subject material however if nobody objects it is fine with me.

Feel free to start a sub-thread on Archie Bunker if you wish but it seems off topic.