Watch this 2 minute show with Dominic.

I just got mine this week. Looks like a good system.

About $10 an inspection, only $5 a month and a $100 account start up …

Sounds like I’ll probably be accepting credit cards soon! :mrgreen:

Account setup is $50 until Christmas. The bank was able to cut us a deal on that (none of those fees go to us). $10 an inspection? You doing $500 jobs on average, must be nice!!

very nice video

I think I would be out of business if I didn’t except them lol. 95% of my clients pay via credit card.

Thanks Dom!

Sure thing Ricky, if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a pm, email me or give us a call.

We’ve had a lot of signups over the past week. If anyone else has any questions about this, please let me know! A few guys have asked what hardware you need. All you need is an internet capable phone if you want to process on site. You can also use one of the old knuckle buster swipers (cost like $15) if you’d rather make a carbon copy of the card then enter the data when you get back home into the system. Some inspectors have told me they are using the links to email invoices as well with the amount already filled in which works nicely.

Way to go Dominic! That sounds terrific! I’m looking for a new phone. Will any of the Blackberrys work ?

Yes it will! I’ve seen it on a few when I was developing and testing the system out. It definitely beats paying 60 a month for a cellular swiper. Plus you an get people to pay in advance online. A coupl of inspectors have been having people pay deposits in advance for forclosures with it too.