NHIE exam (PSI Exam for national test)

Recently took the National Exam through (PSI). Just some questions updates for anyone looking.

5 on whole house fans.
4 on lawn irrigation.
3 on water jet hot tubs.
and about 7 picture questions.
All in all, like everyone has said, there are usually 2 to 3 correct answers for a question, and God knows which one they want!

I’m not following what you’re getting at, Alphonso.

Can you help me understand?

This is just an update on anyone that is getting their national licence or renewing it, in a state that requires it. Some information i thought id share on the questions.

Alphonso, It is great that you are sharing that but the test constantly changes. It is computer generated so even if 2 people are taking the test at the same time each has a different test.
Regarding 2 or 3 correct answers to a question, the BEST answer is what they are looking for.
Did you pass the test??