PSI test preparation

Good evening,
I would like to know if anyone who has recently passed the PSI National Home Inspection exam has any guidance on where to go to get test prep and practice test questions.
Thank you all

These may help you, John:

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Thank you sir. I appreciate any help I can get. If anyone else has suggestions I welcome your input.


Hi Johnny, I read the NHIE book (was told the test was based off of this book) along with alot of note taking for about 2-3 months.

InterNACHI flash cars app.

Test that’s on this site and PSI practice exams.

I will say there was very few questions that were in the test that I actually seen before.

Know what a Bollard is. lol
I seen someone else mention it before I took the exam and had to look up what it was and sure enough it was on the exam.

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Check out, take the tests and flashcards. Get at least 90% 3 times in a row (make sure it is comprehension you have and not just memorizing answers). 90% + on internachi test, and study the sections thoroughly that you score lower on.

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Compucram was great! I also bought the NHIE book and read it twice cover to cover. The second time I read it I highlighted areas that I saw were repeadidly on practice tests. That was good for me because it weeded out useless stuff (related to the test.)

Thank you so much

I agree. I completed the InterNACHI course and took the practice tests on the site but the PSI test does not seem to have much of that information on it. I really appreciate all the assistance from everyone.