NHIE, house of horrors, 25 mentored inspections= what order?

As the title says. I’m nearly done with my state’s 35 hour online training requirement. I have a few more NACHI courses and mock inspections to take for CPI (already passed the exam).

I have to take 35 hours in person, so the house of horrors class is on the calendar.

I also have to study and pass the NHIE.

I also need to find an inspector willing to let me apprentice for 25 inspections.

Is there a particular order I should do these in? I’m most nervous about the apprenticeship and so far have been holding off reaching out to anyone until I have more training under my belt.

You should be studying now for the NHIE, lots of material to learn! The classes on scratch the surface of what you really need to know and learn about home inspections. Visit the NHIE website and you will find pretty much all of the information you need. Invest in a set of the NHIE study manuals in paper or E-Book. The majority of folks that fail do so because they never learned or comprehended the material you are tested on. Be sure to download the Exam Content Outline, it will show you the areas of knowledge you are tested on and the percentage of questions for each domain. www.nationalhomeinspectorexam.org


Good luck Gregory.

You will also want to fill out your profile on this forum. That way we can simply click on your name to know where you are in the country and exactly what the process is to become an HI at that location.

When the time comes I’m sure you will find someone to mentor you for the inspections. In the meantime follow Scott’s good advice above.

Thanks for the input. I filled out the profile. I’m looking at the home inspector companion manuals. I’m trying to decide between the .pdf or the paper manuals. I prefer paper, but it’s nearly double the cost and takes 2 weeks to get here.

So the plan sounds like to finish up the little bit of NACHI courses I need, I should be done by next week.

Then start hammering away on the NHIE books and work on passing that exam.

The house of horror course isn’t until the end of April so I have a couple of months.

I’m retired Navy with kids in school, so I literally have nothing to do during the day but study so I can get started on my next career path.

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Thank you for your service! :us_outlying_islands:


Welcome! From my recent experience with the process I’d recommend get the nhie done first. I bought the books in pdf. You can out them on any device u want. And it also has a nice search bar you can find stuff with if you run into a question later on in the field. I also noticed a lot of the nhie stuff doesn’t apply for things in my area. So if I did it the other way around and did the live trainings before the nhie I think it would have thrown me off on the quiz. When you take the quiz just go through it multiple times and mark the questions you don’t know for sure. Some of the questions later on will have that answer or will give you some information to make your answer on the tricky question. :+1: take ur time go over it a few times and read the books to learn. Not to just memorize numbers. Don’t stress it.

Thanks everyone. I ordered the books from NHI. Until they show up I’ll keep plowing through the CPI required courses. I finished my state required 35 online hours.

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