Nice Drop Ceiling Findings

It never amazes me, but what are some people thinking:shock: This was in a recently finished basement. I found all this just before the Polybutylene was discovered.:roll:


I would expect to see this on a DIY basement project. Was this done by a homeowner or a contractor?

Good catch James.
Believe it or not some Inspectors never look above drop ceilings.

Hay, it’s not required and I can shave ten minutes off my inspections. Makes the agents happy.:roll:

Plus you can scream SOP (and not required).

Find this kinda stuff all the time.
Just gotta learn which ones to remove to spot check.

I see this a lot; I am 6’6" tall so those drop ceiling panels are right there above my head; no step stool needed. I always spot check a few and always make sure I see at least one of the recessed light fixtures. The other spot I look is the perimeter frame adjacent to an exterior deck…quite often find water infiltration and/or rot due to poor or missing flashing. These are all cant miss locations during my inspection.

Good tip ,and you want to see if they are using plug in light fixtures to open junction boxes all the time as it seems to be a common issue.

Thanks Bob, I do try to spot check a few and pop my head in there to see whats hidden. This was supposed to be a real contractor job, but after a few mins of research I uncovered no permit pulled for the basement. This was just the tip of the iceberg in this house. There was upside down insulation, polybutylene piping, romex OUTSIDE feeding a hot tub, basement bath fan exhaust into laundry room ceiling…yada yada/ The report took forever as almost everything I looked at had some type of deficiency:shock: But in the end I was happy as it was just a 2300 sq ft for $650.00 + another $115.00 for Radon:mrgreen:

Mark you got me beat, I am only 6’1" so sometimes I need a step…haha


I try to be The best I can be and for the most part am not concerned at all about the agents;-) The only thing most agents are needed for ( at least for me) is to open the door.:shock:


I check above drop panels all the time and I can pick a panel and typically find an issue above be it electrical, heating, smoke detectors, plumbing.

I can spot a homeowner job as soon as I get into the finished basement.

If I see drop panels in kitchens and baths and it is typically a cover up.
I had one the other day that the bath was leaking, major damage to ceiling above drop and most likely asbestos materials. All agent cared about was me placing tiles back as he had several showings later in the day.

If as an inspector you are not moving a few panels then I feel you are not providing a proper inspection and service.

SOP is the minimum standards. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!

I also provide a disclaimer that only a few panels are removed at radon locations and defects still may exist that I could not see. I find rodent infestation above panels as well.

Dave I agree with you 100% :wink:


Are missing ceiling tiles in a partially finished basement storage area considered a defect?

Found this the other day.

No it is not but I would write it i my report .

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Thanks Roy C