Nice letter!

Dear ,
The Florida Inspectors Council asks for our financial support by contributing to defend the profession and your livelihood. Politics today is a battle between special interest groups. Now that licensing is in effect, the battle is just beginning. The Council has been established to represent licensed home inspectors, mold assessors and remediators.


Politics is an ugly business, now that we are licensed, it’s critical that we are engaged in the process each year proactively and defensively.

Many of us thought that the politicians would do the right thing and act in the best interest of the public. We were naïve. Politicians are heavily influenced by special interest groups and their lobbyists. If we don’t have a lobbyist fighting for our interests, we’ll be trampled by other interest groups who do, such as realtors, home builders and the insurance industry.

While the profession was split on supporting licensing, the legislature was lobbied by realtor, home builder and national home inspection interests to pass legislation setting up licensing and regulation which became effective on July 1, 2011. Our hand has been dealt and now we must defend our profession from those that might take it from us. If we don’t, we only have ourselves to blame.


Politicians respond to campaign contributions and listen to the groups that help them get elected. One of our goals is to be able to fund contributions to key legislators that sit on committees that oversee regulation. Many of you hate the idea of contributing to politicians, but understand that real estate agents, home builders and the insurance industries all contribute heavily to legislators’ reelection campaigns. If we don’t participate, who do you think they will listen to?

This past year alone, contractors and code inspectors lobbied for a lifetime exemption from home inspector licensing. Through the hiring of our own lobbyist, we were able to limit the grandfathering period to one year. While that’s not the perfect outcome, it’s far better than what we would have ended up with if we didn’t have a lobbyist working on our behalf. And this is a battle we’ll probably fight for years to come.

The Council lobbied to defeat legislation that would have loosened the education requirements for mold assessors and mold remediators, and that will surely be attempted again.

The Florida home inspection associations organized and formed the Florida Inspectors Council with representatives from ASHI, FABI, FL ASHI, InterNACHI and NAHI. The sole purpose is to speak (via our lobbyist) with one voice. Politicians are confused when they hear conflicting viewpoints, they respond much better to one voice. The Council represents your profession and needs your support.


It’s not only politicians; our interests also need to be represented in front of the bureaucrats that write the rules that affect our profession. That process is just starting. It’s critical we are represented in Tallahassee at the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

The home inspector associations have funded the council and our lobbying efforts in the past, but they can’t fully fund our expanding efforts in the future. This is where you come in. If you care about your business and livelihood, then we ask that you join us in the fight to defend our turf and promote our interests.

We need to raise more than $75,000.00 each year to fund our efforts. Here’s how that breaks down:
· Lobbying
· Membership updates and Action Alerts
· Campaign contributions
· Administrative costs

These costs are yearly. We’ll need to sustain the Council each and every year hereafter. The Florida associations have contributed $14,000 this past year, which wasn’t even enough to pay our lobbyist. We need you to step up to the plate and contribute to help sustain and protect your profession.

This upcoming year and 2012 Session we face several critical issues:
· Rulemaking for home inspectors, mold assessors and mold remediators.
· Standards of Practice for home inspectors.
· Wind Mitigation Issues.
· Strengthening licensing requirements.
· Creating a Board of Inspectors to oversee home and mold inspectors.

We’ll also be working on the unfair provision that allows employees of contractors to perform Wind Mitigation inspections, but prohibits employees of home inspectors to do the same. We’d like to level that playing field. We’ll need to interact with the insurance industry and the Office of Insurance Regulation to accomplish that. We can’t do that as individuals, it’s critical we have one voice.

If we don’t band together, the results could be dire. Can you imagine the real estate industry writing rules that control home inspectors? How about contractors creeping into the scope of mold assessors and remediators?

You only need to look at other states to see what can happen when home inspectors fail to band together and defend themselves. In North Carolina, inspectors have to report using a state mandated uniform form. In Texas, inspectors face ridiculous reporting requirements that make little or no sense. If we don’t join together now, we could face a similar disaster in Florida.


The choice is yours, control your destiny or have it controlled by real estate agents, home builders and insurance companies. Don’t sit by and let your profession be controlled by others, contribute today.

On behalf of the volunteer directors, thank you in advance for your time and favorable consideration.

Wayne Bertsch
Executive Director
Florida Inspectors Council
101 S. Monroe Street
Tallahassee, Fl 32301

INACHI still has a seat at this table? Has ANYONE ever asked it general membership of Florida inspectors ANYTHING that deals with legislative matters? Who is the representative? How was he bequeathed this position? Is it just for the giving away if you don’t want it?

So now people have the absolute BALLS to ask for money without even knowing our position of WANTS of the Florida Inspector! I have seen Wayne Bertch and I can say he seems like a great guy. But without knowing the direction, whats going on, how its happening or ANYTHING for that matter, what is the money for?

To look out for our interest is what they say. Without asking the people, how in the hell do you know our interest? Because of the “seat” at the coalition? I have been to every chapter meeting, I have been to meeting at the state (going there tomorrow) and I don’t even know who my “representative” is, and now you want money?

Gee, I wonder why its not working out? OK people open your pockets, check books and credit cards. You know so we can have that very important law passed that deals with…ummm…well, you know the law…the one that needs money so that you can be heard…ONE VOICE…and I really mean ONE VOICE, because apaprently that’s all that is making the decisions for INACHI…is literally ONE VOICE, because I have never been asked for any input and have never seen any asked for here, in the mail at the meetings…

SSDD as always.

LOL Russ…have anything to do with this post?

I replied to him letting him know not to go around claiming he represents me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link Dale. As you can see I had many reservations about the council and their lobbyist. Now we move forward 6 months and I have become more educated so some of my opinions have changed.

Wayne Bertsch did an excellent job last year and deserves all of our support that we can give him. We owe the council our gratitude as they did bring in the right man for the job.

But as you state Russell we still have no representation on the council or have any news on what they are planning. So with that being the case I can understand your position. I kind of felt the same way. I would have loved to send in a donation, (because I believe in Wayne). But I choose not too because we have no voice in what they do.

We still have the same inner conflicts in Florida that prevent us from all working for the good of the profession instead of our own agendas. I don’t see much changing until we can all leave our personal agendas at the door and start doing what is best for the profession. In this scenario we are all losers in the long run.

Lets see what happens over the next couple of months. Things may change if we can all put the profession first.

Yes, it is a nice letter and I agree we should arm ourselves from negative impact in our industry. For 75K I would need more description of what exactly the issues are, positions you would pursue and through which avenues. Lobbying is good if the end result is a level playing field for the majority without perpetuating personal agendas.
please expand on the your definitions for SOP changes and expanding licensing requirements for example.
Thanks, Bill

Damnit Bill - This is exactly what we don’t need. You want to be informed is just plain BS. Just send the check! Its not about what YOU want, its about what others think you want!

The flow of information is not needed. I think it was stated a while ago “Just sit down and shut up”.

Bill, I am being very sarcastic and your sentiment is one that has been going through the FLorida Home Inspectors for over a year and still nothing gets done and information is not set through the ranks. Its the SSDD mentality. Its the very few thinking they represent the masses.

Hopefully this will change and proper representation can be acheived for the betterment of the profession. Time will tell.

Thanks for caring Bill its nice to see inspectors wanting to make things better.

We(Florida Home and Insurance Inspectors[FLHII] chapter) did invite Wayne to speak at our the Florida Conference in October. We should support him. We have also extended an invitation to all Florida Chapter Presidents to join us at our Conference as suggested by some of the FLNachi members to discuss this issue and solve it. We will see how it proceeds from here.

We(Florida Home and Insurance Inspectors[FHII] chapter) did invite Wayne to speak at the Florida Conference in October. We should support him. We have also extended an invitation to all Florida Chapter Presidents to join us at our Conference as suggested by some of the FLNachi to discuss this issue and solve it. We will see how it proceeds from here.

The reasons INACHI represenation is poor are because Nick hates NAHI and NAHI is part of the group. Half of you hate FLNACHI. The other half hate everyone else. Half of you are suspicious and paranoid and see conspiracies everywhere.

One day, you’ll wake up and realize that your interests as a FL home inspector and Nick’s are not necessarily aligned, and that YOU need to be represented in Tallahassee. Or you won’t.

Any FL Nachi chapter is welcome to have a seat on the council and represent you. To date, only FLNACHI has.

At a meeting last year, half of the INACHI people walked out half way through in a huff. And you wonder why no one tells you what’s going on and why you have no representation?

Meanwhile, the real estate agents, insurance companies and builders are pouring money into Tallahassee. Who do you think they are going to listen to?

If we can’t raise the money, the Council WILL fold and you will have NO ONE in Tallahassee to fight for you. That will be a sad day for FL home inspectors.

We know the reasons. We want proper representation.
You give us a seat and we will take it. Tell me where and when.

So people are upset because they are not represented and the answer is to keep them in the dark? Your answer is trust me and give me money? Really? I am a pretty neutral person when it come to Nick, but he has almost buried all other organizations. You have to give the guy that credit.

Not one single person has kept us up to date as the problems, the SOP and what are the builders, realtors and insurance people fighting for or against concerning home inspectors? We have no idea because not a single person has told us. I gave $1000 for the fight and Nick gave $1001 and it was to be used as Greg Bell sees fit. As far as I know there is a bit of money available. People are not against giving, they are against giving it blindly.


Nick hasn’t buried anything. You are just buying into his bulls**t. He has done nothing for Florida except flood the market with inspectors. Lets see how many of them renew when their time comes up. It will be hard to tell, because he is always slow to purge is list.

And really lets get down to it. What has Nick done to help any of you, or us, in the fight with wind mits, four points, Florida SOP, or any other matter. And yes, I know you will say that he got a 4-point form approved by Citizens. But was that for Florida inspectors or to help his his organization grow. He has already admitted that he has no interest in the home inspector battle over the wind mit form or joining together with any other organization. Just because NACHI has the most members does not mean squat, if there is no organization or unity in those numbers. You have already heard from Greg and John in this thread. It is really time to come to the table, but you must leave your ego outside the door. If not, home inspectors will be un-united, and that is how they will fall. Unfortunately, we area a small cog in a big wheel, and well, you know the rest of the story.

Non-member wsiegel asks:

Oh, If I scratch my chin I might be able to come up with a few more legislative and rule-making accomplishments in Florida. How about:

  • InterNACHI’s founder attended all 4 DBPR-hosted stakeholder licensing meetings across the state of Florida, met with most of the legislators over several trips to Tallahasse, and met personally with the Governor of Florida.
  • InterNACHI members were grandfathered in FL using our approved exam proctored across the state of Florida at roughly 1/3 the cost of the only other approved exam.
  • InterNACHI members were also grandfathered as licensed mold assessors using InterNACHI’s free, online mold courses.
  • InterNACHI convinced the DBPR to permit inspection reports to be submitted digitally.
  • InterNACHI’s curriculum and courses were approved by the FL DBPR for pre-licensing.
  • InterNACHI’s free, online inspection courses were also approved by the FL DBPR for continuing education.
  • InterNACHI’s founder was licensed as both a home inspector and mold assessor in Florida.
  • InterNACHI’s Director of Education was approved by the FL Department of Financial Services as an instructor to teach insurance claims adjusters courses.
  • InterNACHI procured deals for its members to get the insurance required for licensing.
  • InterNACHI’s founder (a former REALTOR) met with FAR and garnered support for preventing GCs from offering repair services.
  • InterNACHI’s lobbying efforts successfully prohibited GCs from using their inspection services as repair work lead generators.
  • InterNACHI (along with IAC2) got its free, online mold courses approved by the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC).
  • InterNACHI (with help from its sister laboratory) successfully put through a Bill (signed into law) that specifically exempts home inspectors from having to get mold assessor licenses or mold assessors insurance.
  • InterNACHI’s free, online Wind Mitigation course was approved by the FL Construction Industries Licensing Board.

Shall I keep going? Seems that InterNACHI’s lobbyist is doing just fine.

LOL. :cool:

Well, at least you got that right. We are many times bigger than all other associations combined, and many, many times better. Want industry unity? Tell the few non-members left out there to join us.

Ego? I bought into what? Have I ever appeared to be in Nicks pocket? What the hell are you talking about? Did I see what John S said? He is right next to me!

Let’s me just ask you one question Will, how much have you donated for the cause? Give me the exact amount. Name 4 things on the coalition stands for. Name what they have done in the past 3 months. Let me know the agenda of the coalition.


I think it is time you got together with Greg. He seems to be able to see the whole picture. Since is is a NACHI member you will probably listen to him. I know where my money is going and how it is spent. Can you say the same thing?


John is willing to sit down at the table. I am sure Mark will get back to him. You are very outspoken. We have bantered on this before when I was a member. By the way, where are you donating your money. Sound to me like it is going into an arm of NACHI. Any idea how they are spending it.

Good luck at the meeting tomorrow. Hope something constructive is accomplished. Time for me to pack it in. Have early morning inspections.

No answer to the question? How much have you given?

I have Russ’s money and others. Waiting for the right places to send it.

Russ nominated Greg for his current position.