Florida InterNACHI eNewsletter, November 23, 2011.


In your newsletter you are asking home inspectors in Florida to contribute $24 a year (or $2 per month) to continue receiving the newsletter via email. With over 1400 home inspectors in Florida at $2 per month you want $2800 to send out an electronic newsletter once a month. What do you need all that money for? Is this a new income stream you are starting.


What business of yours is it? Why don’t you worry about yourself for a change. Zoe, Happy Thanksgiving. It seems anytime you do anything you have to hear crap from a-sholes. Welcome to the club.

I think Aubrey’s question is valid and I think the request for money is confusing and unsupported. I thought my InterNachi dues would provide state info I need; then I paid dues to FLHII and now dues to the FL Chapter of Internachi. I’m being asked to pay money to Wayne Bertsch, the lobbyist. Starting to look like merry old England around here with all the Lords and Ladies and their various alliances and aspirations. I’ve said this before, “I joined InterNachi, not the Florida version of InterNachi”. If InterNachi is not going to give me what I need to conduct business in Florida, then maybe I need to join one that will. I am not interested in supporting three associations, under the same roof, who may claim to be the 3 Musketeers, but in reality each looks toward their own aspirations. I’m done with the Chapters and I expect InterNachi to provide me the information I need going forward.

Just for the record the FLHII chapter does not charge dues. We charge a fee for the meetings that just barely covers the cost and ask for donations for the rest of what we’ve been doing. It is our goal and sincere hope that we provide you with enough information and services that you will see the merit in donating to the cause.

As far as what Zoe does, that’s between her and those that decide to pay her.

When someone tells me that I need to send them money it is my business and I have every right to ask what is going on. I am a home inspector and I have no problem paying for information. I do however object to paying what I feel is way too much to send out a monthly letter using constant contact which is for pennies. Most of the information that I receive from the newsletter I obtain for free by keeping in touch with people like Gregg Bell and others. So if you feel that you have no right to inquire about money you are asked to give then do me a favor and send me a check for $30,000. Make it out to Aubrey Kahn and mail it to 2200 Sylvan Ct, Kissimmee, Fl. 34746. I look forward to receiving it next week. If you want to know what it’s for, that is none of your business.

Mike, as for calling me an asshole, remember assholes are useful. As for your home inspection abilities, you might want to study up on tpr valves.

hu huh hu hu good one buthead.

It is simple if you do not like it do not buy it. Why do you feel the need to gripe about some else publicly. You are just a sad little sheep that follows whoever is in front of them at the moment.

As far as FLNachi, I believe that they intend to give some or all of that money they are asking for to their legislative fund. I think it was just poorly communicated.

TheFLHII Chapter does not collect dues. If you do not want to participate in our meetings/conventions you do not have to attend. Yes they cost lots of money some as much as $20 and some as much as $149 to have a room, food and guest speakers.

We ask that anyone interested in furthering the profession in the State give to the legislative fund. We do not care who you give to just give so all of us can work with our legislators. Our legislative tour is here

We also started an org for injured inspectors called Nachi Nickels. Give if you would like to help another inspector.

To date, we have had five meetings. With all kinds of speakers and educational opportunities. Nobody from our group has been paid any money to give these events. Most of us have given up work to put them together and to attend. We have shared some of our secrets with fellow members and donated our own money. With Russ and Nick being our biggest donators so far.

Besides our legislative tour we have a radon class($150) scheduled to get Fl certified. We are going to Tallahassee for the next OIR meeting. While our next meeting is taking shape in West Palm Beach.

Our aspirations are to make Inspecting better in Florida, for all. We also think that FLNachi does a great job with the newsletter. If you do not like it don’t read it. They give out the latest information, usually within hours of it being made public. You have to admire and thank them for it.

If you do not think Nachi(and it’s chapters) do enough for you go join one of the other orgs and see what you get for your money.

What business is this of ours? This is our business. Literally. We are not here waiting for the economy to improve to go do something else, like some here.

Finally, we welcome all at all of our meetings.

Sorry for hijacking the thread.

I have a feeling that many contractor-inspectors are going to feel the same way. Most came into this business to use it as a lead generator for their contracting business. I received a letter from a former member contractor-inspector this week that expressed some of the same feelings that you have. He wanted to let us know why he wasn’t renewing his membership. I say good riddance to any contractor-inspector that think they can use this profession as a lead generator for their contracting business.

I suspect that we will see many contractor-inspectors leave InterNACHI when it is time to renew their membership.

I believe many contractors will leave when building picks-up(someone here admitted that on this message board). I also believe many home inspectors will leave as job growth picks-up, that is the natural progression. I already know of some claims adjusters who are getting out of the insurance inspection business because of prices and recent storm work.

I know of several contractor/inspectors that actually like this profession better than building or trades. If you want to know who will be around in a few, five or ten years from now, just look at what they do. Do they grow? Do they hold additional licenses(mold/radon)? Are they active and want to make the profession better?

There are many inspectors who refuse to grow. They do not do mold, IR or insurance inspections. Others take business away from them every day. It is a matter of time before they crumble and others grow. The writing is on the wall. *****, moan and complain all you want it is happening, everyday. There is a new paradigm in Florida inspections, you can be part of it or be left behind. It is really your choice. I also believe that this shift will occur across the country a the home inspection profession fully matures.

Ask how many long term inspectors have been struggling for several years. Then look how many newbies(contractors, claim adjusters and HIs) are growing. Then look at what they do that is different. Don’t shoot the messenger, It is just the way I see it.

I’m confused… As long as the Newsletter is posted here for free by Nick why would anyone care about a donation request?

This is surely not in the same category as selling exams to aid incompetent home inspectors in obtaining a license.

As usual, Lords and Ladies, in your haste to defend/promote your agenda, you miss the point of the message. The point is, these “services” should come thru InterNachi rather than a splinter group of InterNachi. If InterNachi can not, or will not, provide the leadership/training/political presence necessary to promote my success in Florida, then perhaps all I need is a Florida Association rather than a national association. IMO, InterNachi should sponsor a representative in each state who would look after the interests of all Florida members. What we have is a splinter group who constantly reminds us of their commitment of time and money but who also are the ones gaining the attention of those they hope to market on the backs of the rest of us. I’m not here to build your dream.

Greg Bell has chosen to call me a conspector as a means to discount my opinion. First of all, you don’t know JS about me Bell and I seem to recall referring work to you recently. Secondly, even though my home inspection business is only 8 months old, it is probably well on its way to catching yours - and how long have you been inspecting homes? The majority of my inspection business is and always will be government and commercial. You can have all the trailers you want in Titusville; lucky for you, I’m not interested.

Nachi is designed for National and local chapters, that is the way it is set-up. You should ask Nick if you want something different. Did you want an office in Colorado to monitor all political events and government agencies that can affect home inspectors through out the world?
How is anyone gaining market on your back? Who has an agenda for themselves? Again you are knocking the people that are trying to help you and your business, why? We remind you of it because you are grumpy and do not realize that these people are helping you. They will be there to listen and answer questions for you, yet you insult them. We remind you of the money because even the free meetings will cost about $500 each.

Since you have confirmed your attendance to the FREE Orlando meeting, did you want us to cancel it? If I or anyone else is going to take time to organize, travel to, pay for, miss work for a meeting to help you, I would rather not do it for a grumpy guy who does not appreciate it. Seriously.

You tell us what to do and I promise we will at least listen.

I’m done with the Chapters and I expect InterNachi to provide me the information I need going forward.

Think I already answered your question, Shishilla. By the way, I don’t recall giving you permission to judge me or refer to me by any name other than Mr. Chandler. I really don’t see you as my superior in anything; not building, not home inspection, not business, not physique, not intelligence and certainly not experience. So, in regard to me, shut the f**k up - I’m not interested in your self gratifying gibberish.

I am glad to hear that you are finding much success in such a short time. The profession has been very good to me over the years. That is why I give my time and resources to help make the profession better (at least as I see it). Maybe someday you will realize that you should attribute some of your success to the ones that paved the way before you came into the profession. Then you will understand where the lords and ladies are coming from.

Then why are you attending our meeting in Orlando? You registered and confirmed. I never said anyone is better than anyone, only that you are grumpy. I stand by my conclusion. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m done with you, Shishilla. Don’t talk to me, don’t interfere in my conversations and most importantly, for your benefit, do not let me hear of one more disparaging comment directed to or about me. As far as the Orlando meeting, what ever I choose to do is absolutely none of your business even though you act in charge. However, just so you won’t worry, I do not plan to attend nor will I donate any money to further your little fiefdom. As for you, Bell, I was building when your little *** was in diapers. You were a lot nicer before you fell under the Shishilla spell or so I’ve heard from others.

***I think Zoe is in charge of Fl NACHI. I am not being mean, condescending and not argumentative, but besides making money on the testing, what else do you do? I am NOT saying you do NOTHING, I am saying I DON’T know.

I just found out we have a lobbyist. Would be nice to know what he is doing. He represents ME AND MY NEEDS, yet no one has ever asked me what I NEED, so how do they fight for ME?

It seems as though we are in the dark about ALL of what is going on. To become a member of Fl NACHI I have to spend a $100 AND take a test…why? I am already state licensed, why do I need to take your test? What does the $100 go for? Any of it go to the lobbyist? What portion. I am not saying you are not entitled to make a good living, but let me know what your doing for me.

You say test are proctored and then give me the typical government answer…“Trust me”. Why, should I trust you? Once again, not being mean or argumentative. But who are you? Why should I trust you?

It seems like your catering to the NEW members and leaving the active present member in the dust. Getting membership is one thing, keeping it is another.

Once again, it looks like they want to make an organization within and organization. Seems like things get diluted like that.

What I have typed my be my ignorance, maybe my lack of reading things, but I see Fl NACHI and wonder what is its purpose and how does it represent me?

Please respond, seems like a great organization, just what does it do for me. A state licensed Home Inspector who owns an inspection company that has 20+ years in the inspection business and an active NACHI member. ***

Seems like I’m not the only Nachi member who has ever questioned the need for an organization within an organization.

***Lets be honest here.

Zoe took her Riverview chapter and renamed it FloridaNachi. Then she made a sweet deal with Nick to provide the proctoring. This deal is a disservice to all home inspectors in Florida that belong to NACHI. These funds could have been used to help start a true Florida Association and promote the association for the benefit of its members (which was tried a few years ago). The FloridaNachi site lists over 250 members. That means that there has been over $25,000 collected as of today for testing. As of this date we have no idea where the funds have gone. You could have hired a Bell,Ca councilman to proctor the exam and there would still be funds left over.

This chapter only represents all members in Florida in name only. The board of directors is made up of inspectors from the Tampa area. A true FloridaNachi would have representation from throughout the state.

This chapter has no authority to do anything besides offer a proctored exam.

There will be no need for this chapter after 3-11.

We have tried twice to have a true state association and both times the powers that be would not let us do what we needed to do for Florida.

I have heard many here say that we need to speak as a majority. How can we do that when we have separate chapters starting and doing what ever the person that started them wants to do?

It seems to me that this strategy splits our ranks more than unites us. ***

Seems, again, I am not the only one to question the interest by a few to speak for the many. But then again, this person seems to have changed his mind after he became one of the few.