Florida inspector's organization

As a new inspector, I’m considering what organizations join locally (e.g., state, regional, etc.). While there seem to be many on the landscape, I’m not sure which, if any, really meet what I think my needs are.

Simply put, I feel I want to support a strong, well-supported and run, clearly-purposed organization which:

  1. Represents to our state government the interests of Florida’s nearly 7000 licensed inspectors

  2. Continuously and strenuously enhances the perceived professionalism of the industry and inspectors

  3. Promotes the business

Who do you think does that now? And, how? I appreciate and will acknowledge all legit, positive, constructive replies.

Call me later and I will tell you where FLHII Chapter stands and give you an opinion on some of the others. I will even give you contacts if you like. If you have questions about the Inspector Council I can even give you an opinion about that, some of which you may have read already here.


From all I have read here you would have to start one yourself because it seems from what I read here no one seems to agree on everything the same.

Example : I like this org but have not found a Florida org to join because all are Anti-Contractor in my Opinion. They seem to want to do things I do and or used to only be able to do. So I cannot contribute to a org that I believe
will try to hurt me because I have another license.

Nachi has much to offer so much in fact that I stay even though most are anti-contractor in their views and such. NOT ALL ARE. I even personally like some of them from what i know about some of them here.

The problem is it seems no one org meets EVERYONES likes and DISLIKES.
I HATE BEING TOLD HOW I MUST DO THINGS but have agreed to some things to be a NACHI member.

@jshinsilla - busy weekend. So, will probably catch up with you Monday.

@mmeeker: I understand your perspectives. While not looking to debate merits your statements here, I believe the best organization is one for which the values of the masses take priority over the values of a few

Anthony - You will never be authorized to represent “NACHI”. Nick will not allow it, well hasn’t yet anyways.

Man I love your passion and maybe your the guy who can make it happen. Hell, post a comment on this board.

ANYTHING, you can say gee its hot in arizona in the summer and about 20 people will chime in saying its cold, its warm, what is Arizona, I hate Arizona, I love Arizona. If you think it hot in Arizona that is nothing come to…

What you think is simple common sense isn’t. There is no present way to determine what needs to be done, simply because we have no idea what is going on in Talahassee. We find out too late and then have to come up with a 1/2 assed defense. So your always making a knee jerk reaction. Did you know that Landscapers wanted to be expempt from the Home Inspector licensing law and almost got it. Meaning a LANDSCAPER can perform out job without a license! They can assess mold without a license! We find out when its too late.

To me you can help unless there is a viable informational system from Talahassee. Now we have none. We paid 2 different people last year and we got CRAP. Just a bunch of OMG, you better hire me this is what is about to happen, they get paid and you never hear from them except an email every now and then.

I am not trying to make it seem doom and gloom but Home Inspectors don’t care for the most part. They are floating around and doing this until something better comes along. Last year we needed $5000 for a lobbyist. I got about $4000 of it from 3 people.

Like I said, maybe your the beacon of light. I hope so. If you need anything from me, let me know I am always willing to help.

History will confirm that 100% of the home inspector associations operating in Florida at the time licensing was adopted were actively working against the majority of home inspectors who were operating a home inspection business in Florida, none of them can be trusted, none whatsoever.

I will concur with that. I second the NOTION.

Joe. You are mostly correct. But, I can tell you that FLASHI did NOT support the licensing initiative. There may have been other Ashi chapters that pushed for licensing- but Flashi was not one of them

@Russell - a few comments on your post because I think we’re speaking different thoughts:

First, because things can get poorly interpreted or misquoted, I want to be clear that I never mentioned NACHI, referred to NACHI or implied I am seeking an “authorization.”

Secondly, the very problems you cite regarding no dissemination of information from Tallahassee, no clarity about the purpose or role of a lobbyist and the protection of the industry seem to me to be exactly my case-in-point. We need to strive to part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Also, your perspective on what hasn’t worked, I think, is quite valuable. You’ve offered that you want more communication about the goings on in Tallahassee. You seem to state that you want a lobbyist who has a mission, works on it and is paid based on performance. Additionally, I sense a perception that you believe the folks in our industry lack an interest in protecting their livelihoods. I generally tend to assume noble intent; I think inspectors do care, want to care and want somewhere toward which they can direct their passion about their field.

And, yes, I would like to further discuss what the industry wants and needs - and I thank you for offering that.

@joe B - I’m not sure I understand your post. Are you saying that the inspector organizations in the state worked in contradiction to their members’ desires? How does a trade organization maintain membership if it pursues public policy or legislation that is contrary to what it’s members want? I’m not being critical of your statement. I’m simply trying to understand the issue. It seems to me that if I’m paying an organization to represent me and they don’t, well - not much value in sending them a check any longer.

Often, those types of situations are nothing more than bad officers, bad communication of organization purpose, etc., these are organizational issues - not issues of necessity or desire.

Well said. I was the chapter Legislation representive and I got a ton of NOTHING. Wasted thousands of dollars and many hours to get the whopping results of a goose egg.

Maybe it was me. Could be. I am not above saying maybe I wasn’t the right guy for the job. But many when you tell people that you will pick them up and take them to Talahassee on a limop bus and no one takes you up on it… What more do they want?

Like I said, maybe your the guy. I am willing to help in any way…well almost any way :wink:

That is good to know, at least I don’t feel so lonely now, but the experience has forever tainted my respect for home inspection organizations & councils… Not that any of it really matters.

Now that we’ve all been deemed competent by licensing I suspect the only USP which will hold any weight in the post-licensing future will be price.

That is good to know, at least I don’t feel so lonely, but the experience has forever tainted my respect for home inspection organizations & councils… Not that any of it really matters.

Now that we’ve all been deemed competent by the Florida legislature I suspect the only USP which will hold any weight in the post-licensing future will be price. May the best man win. :wink:

It’s even worse than you could have possibly imagined… FABI used their members dues to pay off their lobbyist in Tallahassee to work against it’s membership.

Their mantra during the the heady days of licensing was ‘Any home inspector licensing law is a good law’ Their misguided leadership sold the notion that it didn’t matter what was in the bill as long as home inspectors were licensed. They even spoke ‘wisely’ as to how they would be able to easily craft any changes they wanted once they got a licensing law passed.

Their breach of leadership and lack of foresight is the main reason there is absolutely no trust within the Florida home inspection profession. It’s to the point we pretty much hate each other and would do each other violence if we could get away with it.

When I spoke out against licensing, and I was accused of trying to keep home inspectors out of the wind mitigation market. Now they have to almost give them away with home inspections. & I believe that licensing brought in more contractors.


Anthony, I think what some are trying to get at is some of us have worked hard spent thousands and thousands of dollars out of our own pockets to work for the betterment of the industry. I dont have enough hands to count on how many times I was told that I have my own agenda. If you read in this thread alone people are still talking about licensing. How long has it been in affect? I personally think it is a good thing as that can be the first question a consumer asks of any proffesional. Also as John S. stated, HI could not do Wind Mitigation Inspections without it. I do love your passion and am not trying to discourage, but there may be more to the background then you think. Also, I would have to disagree with you, most inspectors dont care and many guys are stuck in the past and are not and refuse to grow with the industry. Others can get past their hatred for contractors and others, and start making statement that make all of us look foolish where other industries dont want to deal with us. I guess they think the other industry leaders (out side of the HI. i.e contractor, insurance, realtors, etc.) and the public dont see their comments. That our they dont understand how they are looked at because of them

Don’t believe everything you read… Home inspectors are in general high-strung know-it-alls who in many cases like to work alone. I for one only listen to the voices in my head. The next generation of eccentric folks like ourselves will need to find another profession in which we can control most of our own destiny as the licensed home inspection profession will be dumbed down to that of the licensed hair-cutter and will probably pay as much… But don’t cry for us, instead cry for each other.

BTW if you weren’t moved by this bit of drivel, you can check out one of my other 18,000 posts. :stuck_out_tongue:

yep, that is exactly what licensing did.

If we ever can that is what we should tackle.

Getting rid of that asinine expense that makes all equal in the eyes of the common client :frowning:

It doesnt make you equal at all, or shouldnt, if that is all you have going for you then you should sit back and think. It is a start though to live up to some standard. How to you feel about the unlicensed contractors or doctors?

Professional inspectors were living up to long standing industry standards and ethics provisions long before licensing was implemented.

What’s next triple-X rated heroin for pre-schoolers? Because let me tell you folks that if we don’t pass home inspector licensing, thats what we’re gonna get… :stuck_out_tongue: