Nice SPF~~;)

***I think they Foamed over some Basketballs—***:lol:–:lol:

***Some of the Basketballs were beginning to deflate, pity—***:lol:—:lol:

Dale, you got a gas problem with your roof?;):slight_smile:

to much turkey lol

Which material is that?

Foam, Condo…SPF.

Not the same damn foam i saw last week.
I will pull up a pic if anyone wants to see it but this roof had what looked like Great Stuff with a silicone coating.
The Engineer bragged he did it himself and fixed holes with a caulking gun.

I have a sample piece of it at home because it was strange and different.

Condo said:

See…now you have me wondering, because I don’t believe I have seen what you’re describing.

This is the closed cell SPF…with holes from lack of maintenance, 8 years old…Repo (as usual)