Nice Traps

Like em?

The kitchen sink one is obvious…but I’m unsure about the 2nd picture…help?

720EUintah 054.jpg

720EUintah 053.jpg

Another…as Brian might call them “Charmer”?

The second trap looks alright…what is the other pipe going or coming from?

The first one looks like “a double slip ring” connection into the down tube.
The second is a washer supply and drain through the wall to the appliance.
Is the other tube plugged or does it connect to another drain line on the other side of the wall?

I’m thinking the second pic is to a laundry tub on the othe side of the wall. If so, was there a trap under the sink?

The 2nd pic was the laundry tub and washing machine…yes, they appear ok…thanks.

I dont think the height of the stand pipe on the washing machine drain is correct and did it turn down after the p-trap forming an s-trap?
Regards Bill