Nick are your serious with the post reguarding ce providers????

:roll: :roll: If you are I can see it now… email from newly certified Nickey’s member former builder now converted HI due to passing nicks on line quiz.

We’ll call him Wonder builder

Heres the email I can already see :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Daddy nick… those boys at ABC HI school laughed at me and my on line nacho certificiation.

Nicks reply…. Thanks for telling me that son, tormorrow I am going to start a new school in your town and we’ll put them do no godders out of business
*Now Wonder Builder I will need you to start teaching all the new students, {be aware it will be thousands of them real soon] you can handle that can’t you? and oh yea don’t worry about getting paid , every body except the office staff at nacho does everything for me free. *

One last thing Wonder Builder I know I gave you a free membership but, can you please send your dues and find a couple hundred new members so I can get the new school started and go cruising in my new vet this week end.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Wonder Builders reply… But Nick I don’t really know everthing about the biz.

Nick… Hey don’t worry about a thing, I certified you and thats all that counts, the important thing if for you to get dues paying members, don’t worry if the students are learing anything, I certify the CE as well, besides that thay are new and believe every thing you or I tell them, the few that make it leave and join ashi anyways, lately they have been getting to many of our members, thats why we need to have our members only attend nachi freindly schools.

He’s baaaaaack!!!

Dan that is funny:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
See you at the Sept. ASHI Educational Conference…

What got you all fired up Dan, ITA comming to town?:slight_smile:

Didn’t you tell me the Brinks programwas Verbotten here?:roll:

(first time caller long tme listener)

Perhaps dharris should go back and sue his uncertified third grade teacher for failing to teach him the proper way to spell the word “regard”.

Just like the finest home inspection association in the world (NACHI), harris…“u” ain’t in it.

Hey bushart… If thats the only thing you found wrong in the post maybe you should join me in a class action suit against all 3rd grade teachers.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Brian … ITAs cool… a good inspector friend of mine is the local head instructor guy, I’m sure they are better than the school that they are replacing.

Dan: What School are they replacing? There are 3 schools that I know of in AZ.:shock:


I admit I don’t have perfect stats on it (I’ll admit when I don’t) but I think that just over 1/2 of all takers of continuing education courses in N. America are either NACHI members or soon to be.

We are in contact with every educational provider in N. America and have found only 3 schools that we consider NACHI-unfriendly. Today, at the risk of NACHI:

  1. putting out a press-release announcing who the instructors are and urging our members to boycott their course offerings…

  2. pulling NACHI approval for continuing education purposes…

  3. limiting their access to our membership by kicking them out of the, out of our and out of our future conventions…

  4. offering competing courses for free, across the street from them…

…two such schools today assured me that the 2 instructors would from here on out be at minimum… NACHI-neutral.

Mission accomplished.

Yes it sucks for you that NACHI owns the ball, the bat, the bases, the stands, the stadium, the city, the whole dang continent.

Planet NACHI… resistance is futile.

In defense of the schools… they are for-profit companies, don’t have their head up ASHI’s a$s like you do, and so are receptive to reasonable arguments.

P.S. Hey Dan, your ASHI says they have 6,000 members… how many of the 6,000 are come-only-with-cash Candidates? I happen to know the exact number… would you like to answer the question? Why does ASHI count Candidates as “members” in the 6,000? I know why. Subtract # of Candiates from 6,000 and guess what you get? I permit you to use a calculator. Is your ASHI still encouraging its unqualified come-only-with-cash Candidates who only filled out this in 30 seconds to go out and perform actual fee-paid inspections for poor, unsuspecting consumers as the only way to achive full membership? If so, your ASHI logo is our industry’s symbol of shame.

Now that we are on this subject of education and instructor’s and bias - why do we not discuss the issue of how one defines a qualified educator of home inspection courses. Is it a) anybody; b) someone with some training; c) a qualified educator; d) a person that understands and can clearly communicate home inspection knowledge; e) or a combination of the above?

I have attended and delivered enough educational venues and clearly understand the difference, but fortunately there are some that can do a great job, some that can do a satisfactory job, and clearly there are some that need to step aside!

What person or body makes that “unbias” decision?

Sorry fixed up my spellin’

Teaching is an ART, not a science

There are good teachers and bad teachers…and then there are the students like dharris who, no matter who teaches them, they will never learn…They are the one’s who arrive at the seminar in the short school bus.

Autistic, mentally retarded, and developmentaly slow are known to ride that bus. That is a brave,manly, and prejudice remark, very classy.

Perhaps including dharris with autistic, mentally retarded and developmentally slow people is - indeed - unfair to them. They would probably throw him off the bus, anyway…

Well I be, I finally got a reply out of ole nickey.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
To start of you will never see me bash ce regardless of where it comes from.
You will see me question the quality of ce based on the presenters qualifications.

The question posed by Claude and statement made by Mr Farcetta should be considered by all prior to claiming to be experts.

Last month I had the privilege of attending a nachi ce seminar, the content was good and I even learned that Mr Ferry is more distinguished than what his photo makes him appear to be.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

From my observation the local guys are great bunch of guys and hungry for ce, the one major thing missing was experienced inspectors sharing information and knowledge before, during and after the seminar.

As far as ashi members and candidates. ASHI new members are aware that experience, hanging out with experienced inspections, additional mentoring and additional quality ce from experienced professionals is a must to succeed and are willing to get that additional training and recognize that they are only doing them selves and the profession a disservice by hiding the fact from the public that they are new and claiming to be certified due to taking an individually owned orgs on line quiz and non verified membership requirements.

Your boycott is an other example of how out of touch you are with reality and professionals in this profession.
If you did a survey you will most likely find there are as many experienced inspectors willing to refuse to spend $s on ce that promote your policy’s as there are new ones willing to spend their $s with providers that provide agreeing with your policys.


From what I understand former hearing aid sales people that failed in that business and now claim to be certified HIs fall in that same category.:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

See what I mean?

He is complaining, in his last ramble, that - although he had attended NACHI seminars and learned from them - he could not learn anything from the the other attendees. This makes, in his opinion, the seminar unworthy of his attendance…

I wonder how many other attendees, noting him in the audience, felt the exact same way…

Maybe, before engaging this jilted lover in any more conversation, we should consider how dharris was once a member of NACHI and was involuntarily dismissed. Since then, he has devoted his life to the argument “You can’t fire me…I quit!”:smiley:

Jilted lover??? If i’m correct nickey was an ashi member :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I’m Just another inspector that recognized that there two totally diferent sides to the story.
One side is exaggerated, often false claims by a dictator that publicly states its none of the cusomers business if the inspector doesn’t know what he or she is doing before marketing that inspector as qualified and “certified” for a promise and a fee] and the other is provided by professionals that joined together, that were and still are committed to making our profession what it should be to provide our customers the HI experience they deserve.

You could be a help to many home inspectors but you seem to get you jollies by trying to convert those like me who are very satisfied with NACHI and all the Great members here.
You Know that this is the only association that allows members and Non members to voice their openion .
If this was done at ASHI I expect you would be told to stop or they would stop you from posting .
It would be nicer if your posts at least had some information or at least not be repetitive . You are just like the every Bunny you just keep going . You are so much like the old 8 tract players, all worn out and not able to get new songs for them.
Just like the tired out old hound you need to come home where at some least people understand what is wrong with you .
Roy Cooke

We love you Harris my arms are open wide

Not true.

And it is remarks like this that cause others to question the comments and claims of this org.

That is if I understand what an “openion” is? Does it require egress?