Nick built the NACHI the ITA Marketing Meeting!

Hi Everyone - it’s the morning after Nick’s talk and HE CONSTRUCTED THE NACHI HOUSE right there in the room for everyone to see. It was a great night - Nick was on fire! I’ve been in business for a long time and I heard stuff I’ve never heard before. One of my first thoughts was “How come we wer’nt all charged $500 bucks for the registration fee?”. The stuff I heard, if you apply it, has the ability / potential to add thousands, if not millions, to your bottom line over a couple of years. I’ve had 9 great years of this business and easily make well into 6 figures a year - and I was given a ton of info last night that could have made me so much more, if only I’d met Nick and NACHI much earlier.

I was especially proud and hopeful for the young guys (in business) that were there - what an unbelievable start they are getting! If you apply what Nick was talking about - straight for two hours without taking a break - you will literally stomp / destroy / out-smart / finish-off all of your competition and have so much business, you will be begging for mercy.

If you are crying about the condition of the market, the saturation of home inspectors within the market or that your phone isn’t ringing - then you need to get back to the basics - start by downloading the pre-listing seller stuff off of - maybe Nick can give us a direct link - and then implement everything on that sheet starting today! The results of your work will amaze you and blow you away.

Nick pointed out at the very end that there are three huge factors in this business - it’s kind of like a three-legged stool - you need all three to be successful - here they are: Education / Experience / Committment. If you are not strong in all three areas - YOU NEED TO BE! Work on these three and you will be more successful than anyone else in the business!

I thought it was so great, that I want to produce a DVD (or a series of marketing DVD’s) to share with all of the attendees at each of the NACHI Certified Training seminars. This is excellent info and everyone needs to hear it, see it and do it. One of my favorite mottos is, “Learn It, Love It, Live It”. Get some passion in your life about what you do!

If you are not putting a VERY HIGH priority on education, then you need to re-evaluate your entire business focus. Go to and read about what we are trying to get done across the country. Each of your chapter presidents has access to this information. I want to set up one, two, three of more training events in your region - we have gotten a huge response from across the country. We are bringing the training to you! If you want more training in your area, call or email me, and I’ll work hard to bring you the best educational event ever!

Nick - thanks, man! Awesome job! Love the passion!

Another unbiased opinion from a NACHI vendor.

Greg - just being a team member…

The CMI behind your name says it all. You are motivated by something other than a desire to help.

Hey, Greg - I guess it’s no wonder that you don’t need a ladder to do inspections - you’re getting so good at jumping to conclusions, even the highest roofs are not out of reach with your expertise - just joking, buddy.

It’s great getting to know you - no hard feelings. I maybe come across as being a bit more passionate than I should be and yes, I really do want to help. It’s very rewarding for me to help new guys in the business. How’s businss down your way?

I think Greg’s point, and it’s a good one, is that no inspector who has been in business for six months should be a master at anything simply because of 150 hours of classroom time.

Texas requires almost that much time just to go out an be supervised doing an inspection. Perhaps Texas professional home inspectors are more truly masters?

Tom, in order for me to promote the concept in my travels to various NACHI chapters, more details of what is provided would be helpful.
When will a listing of types of seminars be available on the Seminars page?
There is nothing, as of yet, being offered that I can find.

Russell - I am currently working with about 15 chapters (members) on the promotion of an educational event in their respective areas - the number of emails, requests, vendors and contractors has been overwhelming - we are getting to each one in order - I suspect that by the end of June, 2006 we will have a number of events posted for you. I will keep in touch with you as to the development of NCT. I apologize for not responding to you earlier.


Vendor posts should be labeled in a similar manner as Non-Member Postings.

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Way to go Nick!


I’m curious…How many fee paid home inspections have you completed?

Joe - isn’t the identification as a vendor and “affiliated with NACHI” redundant? Or are you attempting to separate affiliated from vendors from the vendors who run the org?:smiley:

Guys - to answer a few of your questions - I have approximately 4,500 fee paid inspections over 8 plus years in the business as a full-time inspector. I still am a full-time inspector and not a vendor as some of you are assuming. I am a NACHI member who is trying to help Nick and the NACHI organization bring some great training to NACHI members. I hope that this simple explanation will answer some of your assumptions.

Great posts Tom. I like your enthusiasm. I agree that Nick is a great motivator. Too bad the doomsayers on this board have given you no slack. It seems they were dead wrong about your supposed vendor status and your experience as a home inspector. What say they now?

Sure got quiet.

Joe Lyvers - thanks for the encouragement - it’s great to get to know you on the message board - I hope to meet you on my next trip to Florida - please keep in touch.

What the hell, I’ll take a shot; From where I sit it appears that although Tom claims he is an active inspector my guess is that Tom’s ambition is to leave the inspection world for the greener pastures of teaching inspection theory to deep-pocket newbies with the promise that in 100 or so hours can turn a burger-flipper into a CMI, for a tidy fee of course. Am I close?

I love when Joe B. sets up ducks like this for me to shoot… here goes…

150 hours Joe? Ah… that would be 150 hours more than the entrance requirements of four of five other organizations in your state of Florida… None but NACHI have any entrance requirements whatsoever. Not bashing Florida… just stating a fact.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it goes something like this…

ASHI: “Just send us money, welcome to the profession”
NAHI: “Just send us money, welcome to the profession, by the way… feel free to correct any defects you find”
FABI: “Just do one inspection, send us money, welcome to the profession”
State of FL: “Keep your money for now, welcome to the profession, welcome your Aunt Penny too, you’re all inspectors!”

I’d say 150 hours of Continuing Education is quite a bit better than what you all have going on in FL now. Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house.

Ahhhhh… that is so much fun. :smiley: . Thanks Joe! Go round up some more ducks for me.