Nick, NACHI, and Bushart


You’re a total idiot, who I promised myself I wouldn’t respond to. The day you elected not to renew your InterNACHI membership was indeed a hallowed day for me but, alas, I was foolish enough to believe that we’d heard the last from you. I don’t share Nick’s views regarding freedom of speech and the message board, and would have filed an ethics complaint against you years ago until I learned that you were actually on the Ethics Committee. If that’s not a laughable irony, I don’t know what is.

I joined NACHI at the request of Nick Gromicko, after I’d been mistreated by NAHI, a story that I told publically on NACHI’s message board for all to read. Nick had read one or two of my articles that were published in CREIA’s magazine, The Inspector, and darn near begged me to join and share my experiences with “his” members. You too wrote about NAHI, and specifically about one of its directors, Mallory Anderson, but in a quasi-sexual and juvenile manner appropriate to your nature and limited intelligence, but which sadly tarnished the good name of NACHI. This does not mean that I condoned Nick’s characterization of NAHI as a “scumbag organization.” As far as I’m concerned, Nick is NACHI. Regardless, why you were not censured for such juvenilia is beyond me, but the fact that you were not censored induced me to spend less time on the message board.

When I was a software vendor you publically accused me of trying to alarm inspectors in order to sell my software (InspectVue), and denigrated it for its disclaimers. Of course, any fool would understand that a disclaimer, and any other narrative in the software library for that matter, could be deleted with a single click of a mouse. Regardless, if you had any merit as a scholar, you could just as easily have learned that my software actually came into existence after I’d been repeatedly and unjustly sued, and for that reason alone. Of course, I’m no longer a software vendor. My history and that of InspectVue software at that particular juncture was also readily available for anyone to read on the message board, as were the history of the lawsuits. In fact, other than you, not one NACHI member and no software vendor ever accused me of anything other than being an open, honest, and helpful person. As for the lawsuits, the membership deserved to know about them, and to-date I’m the only one I know that is talking about how the law is victimizing inspectors. In fact, the lawsuits were so bizarre that even NACHI’s own legal counsel, Joe Ferry, did not believe me until he actually read the cases for himself, at which point he publically acknowledged that I had indeed been unjustly sued, but with the lame observation that I was not the first in line. Inspect and Protect tells the entire story. I won’t repeat my criticism of the NACHI SOP’s, and only remind members of your virulent attack upon my character. Anyone who wants to can compare CalNACHI SOP’s to the original NACHI SOP’s and come to their own conclusion, not that I give a damn what standards and contracts an inspector chooses to use. I chart my own course.

Significantly, as Nick can confirm, I did complain about your behavior privately, and shared with him what I thought your words revealed about yourself. I told him that they revealed that you were an extremely negative and dis-eased person who would blindly accuse and condemn others rather than support an accusation with proof, someone who no doubt really wanted to be an attorney, but just wasn’t smart enough. Nick was amused to see that words are indeed revelatory, and confided that you’d actually spent a career as a law clerk, or in some similar subservient role.

As a vendor at that time, I also profited from writing and selling Inspect and Protect and Manual for a Happy Home. However, both these publications were Nick’s idea, and he’s not made one penny from them, and I’ve made very little. (I’m foremost a humanist who desires to help others, but I’m also a clean capitalist, and my financial records are an open book for anyone that wants to see).

In a similar negative and short-sighted way you’ve shared your views about “regulations,” characterizing them in one instance as a devious means for companies to “sell E&O insurance”, whereas an ethical person would never dream of inspecting properties without having insurance, any more than they would think of driving without insurance. I’m not fond of regulations myself and have shared my views publically, but I am able to allow that there are indeed ethical and logical arguments on both sides of most disputes. As for NACHI, I actually don’t like organizations, finding in most of them fools like you whose private life must be so empty that they spend their time spewing their hatred publically.

You are not totally without worth, however, but you do need to understand that whereas Nick is no saint he is a truly remarkable man. At least I had the strength of character to wait until I was alone with him to tell him exactly what I thought about some of his actions, but I’ll stay on record as saying that he’s done more for inspectors than anyone in the history of the inspection industry. He’s never accepted one penny for me, and has actually picked up the tab on more occasions than I can remember. I also know that he’s generous to a fault and has privately given to those in need. Can you say the same thing, Bushart? Who have you helped recently? I hope Nick’s stinking rich, and grows richer by the day, while you, Sir, are poor indeed, and deservedly so.

Dr. Swift writes:

Hm, I wonder where this one is going?

Do I need to keep reading? :smiley:



The blame is not only on JB shoulders but that of his mentor Mr. Joe Farsetta and the goon squad, for you see the leader of the ESOP Joe Farsetta has with the assistance of the committee fabricated evidence, intimidated members, we also know that Farsetta is the last person to be the ESOP chair given his continued abuse of his position his ability to call people at late hours and berate them for no cause whatsoever. Yes we can see that JB only tows the line as implemented and directed by Joe Farsetta, he had an excellent mentor in Joe Farsetta.

Thanks for speaking up, its always a pleasure to read your well thought out opinions.


I don’t know what ended your relationship with NACHI. I had been attacked so viciously on the message board that I elected to stay away from it. All I know about you is that I met you once in Canada, and was impressed my your intelligence and demeanor. As to the power politics, I have no interest in it, although I’m well aware of “fools” other than Bushart and their underlings and choose to ignore them, as I shall. May the great Gods bless and keep you.

Paragraphs are our friends, no really. Fear not the steamy intimacy of grammar, embrace her, worship her for she will be liken to that of angels wings to lift your burdened prose and catapult your message to… dare I say, heaven. :stuck_out_tongue:


The goon squad out did itself when they saw nothing wrong with their illustrious leader call up another member for no rhyme or reason and berate him, let alone the manner in which you were treated. Its very apparent some in the upper echelon of Nachi do not care to be out smarted, or the need to follow establish protocols.

It was a terrible day when a member and outstanding person as youself was treated with such contempt for trying to better the organization.

Leadership starts from the top and given the lack of leadership its not surprising to see the regular cast of characters once more involved in another fiasco.

Take care and all the best.

You make some valid points in your original post. I am not here to debate these but to agree. Mr. Bushart has made some comments on this board on his opinions which include rather crude and rude comments concerning others. I, too, thought when he left INACHI he would be through with posting. But alas, alack, he is not. For that very reason I have chosen to disregard his posts and turned his posts off on my control panel.

I just renewed my membership for the third time; but with a great deal of reservation. This message board has turned out to be quite a bit of bashing, disrespecting others and has ventured a great deal from what the message board was intended. In my opinion, it has shown to be an embarrassment of INACHI. Something should be done to correct it.

Nick has indeed helped out the entire inspection industry as no one has. His future thinking, education philosophy, and can do attitude has been beneficial not only to me, but others as well. With people such as yourself, Nick and other leaders, the industry as we know it will improve for all. Not just INACHI members. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your posts, ideas, and common sense approach to helping others.

So let me get this straight.

Keith stayed away from the bb for a long time because he was attacked without provication by Bushart and others. I fully understand that, and after some of the mercilous statements about him might have done the same.

But Keith starts a thread to attack Bushart and defend Nick. Nick needs no defense as he is perfectly capable, and has plenty of Nickophants if he isn’t doing well enough on his own.

Did I miss the latest attack on Keith by Buggy, or is this in response to Jim bringing up valid points in the thread about Nachi and vendors? It seems either Jim is a gnat that is not worthy of swatting, or he has gotten under someone’s skin. Something tells me it’s the latter, it usually is.

Blaine, they were hardly “valid” points.

After 500 posts Jim was only able to produce 1 vendor. And that vendor confirmed publicly that the worst thing Peter did was, in the heat of negotiations, point out to the vendor that his product is easily reproduced and not so unique. I remind the pickup truck salesman that there is a dealer in the next town, too. So what.

Had we accepted the vendor’s offer, InternNACHI would have had to carry all the costs and risks of selling a low ticket item while the vendor keeps 75% of all the “new” money Peter would have had to pay to generate for the vendor, and so Peter correctly walked on the deal. Had Peter not rejected the vendor’s offer, I certainly would have when it came up to me for approval.

500 posts over nonthin’. Just another diploma mill ASHI member trying to cause trouble on another association’s message board.

I have no interest in Keith Swift’s thoughts at all…particularly those thoughts he devotes to me.

I met him at a seminar in Collinsville, IL about three years ago….a short, skinny man slouched in a chair with red eyes, red nose and slurred speech at a relatively early hour of the day. I was as unimpressed with him then as I was when he finally stood behind (and barely able to look over) the podium that he was speaking from.

His job…spark an interest in a software package that was designed to do something (exactly what, no one would actually say) that would prevent lawsuits.

On our message board, if you care to search the archives, he published statistics (fresh from his rectum) that reported in one thread that 1 out of every three inspectors would be sued at some time in their career. In another, it was published that ALL inspectors at some time in their career would be sued.

I pointed out to him…and to some other vendors hawking E&O…that there was no raw data to support their inflated claims. In fact, with E&O carriers so quickly interested in settlement prior to trials…no one to this day has been able to show any records reflecting any lawsuits that were filed against home inspectors that resulted in a court judgment against them. I am certain that there are some…maybe ten or even 100…but not the number that was being hyped by those profiting from the sales of devices their hyperbole was designed to promote. Fear is a powerful, but very short term, motivator.

Yes, I called him on it. He has hated me ever since. As for his Charles Dickens version of an SOP…well, it still gets laughs at certain gatherings. Explore that one on your own and enjoy it as most of us do.

But this thread…whether it contains truth or just Keith’s very blurred vision of what is true…is of secondary importance, for it does nothing to change the facts that we learned about this association from this thread.

As Nick was boasting to me by email, of his ability to use his “power and wealth to destroy” members who are vendors and who do not do his will…I suggested that we take the discussion to the members, themselves. Even if it is crude, rude, ugly or insulting….truth needs the light to survive, where the darkness is where “power and wealth to destroy” can thrive.

If the conduct of the leadership of this association, as described by Nick in this thread, makes you as proud as it does Keith Swift, good for you. Others do not agree.

But regardless of the attack that Keith has made against me by starting this thread…whether his remarks and his assessment of my character is true or not…does nothing to change what people can see and discern for themselves, here.

That is about all I have to say in this matter.

Oh would you stop with the convicted felon stuff already. Read the freakin’ case. Peter’s company did exactly what the other 2 companies did in declaring it as income. Did any AOL executives even get charged? No. Because the prosecutor in Virginia didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. Did any Cendant executives even get charged? No. Because the prosecutor in New Jersey didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. No one lost a penny, the company grew into a multi-billion dollar powerhouse.

If I had 2 small children at home, was making millions of dollars and had to choose between 12 jurers/a young prosecutor trying to make his mark/possibly 30 years in jail… and… 10 months on an Air Force base lifting weights… I’d have agreed to a 1 count plea too.

There is a reason that no other executive in all these companies involved in all this round trip money ever got sentenced.

That’s all beside the point anyway, because I already agreed to handle all vendor negotiations personally from here on out. How long are you going to dip from that well Jim?

Let me try to explain by way of an example:

I know ITA was started by ASHI presidents. But I like ITA. InterNACHI had booth space at their conventions, they had booth space at ours. They put InterNACHI links and InterNACHI logos all over their site. Their instructor did a NACHI.TV show. I presented for ITA myself. I’m personal friends with their executives.

But business is business. I flew to San Diego and met with them and explained that it is absurd that they charge InterNACHI members the same tuition as diploma mill association members. They didn’t see it my way. I didn’t take it personally. We’re all big boys. Instead I flew home and did this: Did I intend to force them to close down their schools? No. It is simply a consequence of my belief that InterNACHI members deserve affordable continuing education.

Jim I just read your comments about Keith Swift and of course disagree. But while I was reading your post, I was frantically searching for some quantifiable claim (that you made) that I could use to show everyone that you are full of crap. It couldn’t be something vague or matter of opinion. It had to be a measurable fact.

Much to my delight, I found it! Wa la!

Jim writes about Dr. Swift:

Dr. Swift is just over 6 feet tall.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Here is picture of Keith and me. I am 5 foot 11.5 inches:

I thought that Bushart’s characteriziation of me as “a short, skinny man slouched in a chair with red eyes, red nose and slurred speech at a relatively early hour of the day” revealed his complete lack of credibility. I’m over six feet tall, self-disciplined, and ex-military through and through, and I’m certainly not a drinker and never have been. In fact the last time remember being “high,” I was eighteen, or thereabouts. As previously stated, Bushart’s words are revaltory and continue to confirm that he is truly diseased.

Nick…I’m sorry it took me so long to respond. I am still laughing at the one point…out of all that I made…that you found to be in error.

Please note that, as I pointed out, his being slouched in his chair and bent over the podium…I had no idea how tall he might have really been.

I met you that night, too. Remember how the storm had knocked all the power out and we ate our pizza in the dark with nothing to light up the room but your pink necktie? The first night of the St. Louis Metro chapter meeting. You have a photo I took there of you, somewhere on your website.

I agree totally.

Stop with the spin Nick. Members are growing tried of it. You have been caught lieing big time in the Tafeen thread. Lick your wounds and lets go on.

Why didn’t the offended vendor simply call Nick and talk about the issue?
The entire misunderstanding could have been corrected within one call.

This was all initiated to cause division, not to simply resolve an issue
between two parties who sent emails to each other. Those who joined
in the mob got played like a fiddle.

Apparently he did.:roll::roll:

From this post by John O.

Then why not let it stop there? Why the circus?

The next time I have an issue with someone, I am not
going to ask the forum to take it before the mob.:roll:
Why does James have to speak for John O.?

I guess you can put your business on the street, but
not me.

I have no desire to hang around a forum in an association
that I no longer enjoy. I like it here and I like Nick,
and those who do not need to find a new home.