Nick's $1,000.00 Nicest Inspection Office Contest. Win big cash!

Welcome to Nick’s Nicest Inspection Office Contest.

Post a PIC of your inspection business office or home office. When the thread cools down, I’ll pick the 4 best PICs.

1st prize wins $400.00
2nd prize wins $300.00
3rd prize wins $200.00
Honorable mention wins $100.00

If any inspection industry vendor out there would like to sweeten the pot or join in, they are welcome to post their own prizes and pick their own winners. That way we have lots of winners.

I like this idea! We need to promote good Inspector offices. I’ll throw in a free year of website hosting for a new site! $300 value.

Thanks Dominic!

Inspector Pro Insurance just sweetened all 4 pots by $25. So now they are:

1st prize wins $425.00 + free website hosting from Dominic at HIP. 2nd prize wins $325
3rd prize wins $225
Honorable mention wins $125.00

Based on What Nick!!!
Most amount of Computers?
Largest Computer monitor?
Most wallpaper certifications?
Most efficient set up for doing reports?
Color coordenated and luxurious.
Most amount of InterNachi books and articles.

How about a worst office pic? Goof prize.

I got a chance at that one :slight_smile:

Nice of you to do this Nick.

Kudos to Dominic and Inspector Pro Insurance for joining in.

Waiting for it… waiting for it… almost there…

Based on the above post, I would guess that the winners will be based on whatever suits the gift giver’s fancy when they decide to pick. :slight_smile:

Folks, this is what you’ll have to compete with, post 22…

Certain priorities with any office space.

mobile all the time…

Sorry, this idea sucks. :slight_smile:

We should reward those who succeed with the least. If you have the nicest office you don’t need the cash! I’m on a tight budget, these kids keep taking all the food I put on the table and all I end up with is crap. :wink:

This is my office…and its my vehicle…the best inspection vehicle on the PLANET!

Mobile office 1.jpg

Mobile office 2.jpg

Mobile office 3.jpg

Mobile office 4.jpg

Mobile office 6.jpg

Mobile office 2.jpg

Mobile office 2.jpg

Mobile office 1.jpg

Mobile office 3.jpg

Mobile office 2.jpg

Ya see?!?! :smiley:

PS That is so cool Russ.

What kind of vehicle is that Russell? and all I can say is WOW!!! that is impressive.

Sarasota home inspector

Mauck specialty vehicle…see that INACHI is even on the big screen in the back of the truck…

My office is always changing :smiley:
Office #2
Office #3

Dave Links Not Working

Only 4 submissions. If we end the contest now, you all win. Post some more PICs.