NO Battens

Just trying to get an idea of what some of you might say in regards to a tile roof without battens. The house is a 1990, with history of one past leak, at a peak. The tiles have slid a bit over time. In my opinon it is better for water runoff, but I see the nails as water entry points when installed this way. Any input?




Looks like a crappy install job. Did they use the right nails? Here is Florida battens area not required. Really not needed if the roof is installed properly (wonder if a group of aliens installed that roof)

I know it never rains in Az, but maybe the iguanas have been wetting themselves in there on the tar paper. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was a roofer in south Florida in the 90’s and there were some manufacturers that reccomended their products be applied in this manner, as I recall the nails were set in a bed of roofing mastic to insure a good seal, battans became required once the pitch of the roof was above a 6/12 or something like that. Monair, Vangard and Life Tile, I believe were some of the manufacturers.

Never rains? Then explain to me how my Havasupai trip I’ve been planning for 6 months has been washed away. Bummer. Regarding the roof, I suggested some maintanance and monitoring. I let them know how important it is to ensure the tiles don’t slide and are securely attached to avoid exposing the underlayment. A leak has already occurred so that tells us something.