Patio Roof Flashing

This patio roof was installed over the top of the shingles…which I thought was odd…now I’m wondering how the heck the re-roofed it without removing the patio…see what I mean?

I don’t like the flashing…anyone else care to chime in?

70CheesemanLakeCircle 027.jpg

neumann, where do you find em? Are you sure this realtor is a friend of yours?
Was the top side of this roof done right? ( I suspect I already know the answer to that) If it was then it wouldn’t matter as much, right?

The patio cover looks like an after market add on to me.

Tony, were you at the same house as me yesterday?:mrgreen: Here is the outside:eek:




the construction and framing of that additional roof are obviously well below std, what are the rafters attached to, the sheathing?

I would be calling for a much more detailed evaluation of the porch addition.



It looks like that is going thru the roof, is it attached in the attic ?

If the roof is installed over the patio and roof and covering this area, it would not be considered flashing for water. Do you have a picture from above of this transition?

If that was added on and then shingled over, it all depends on the shingle transition on top, might be fine , though I would look deeper at how the patio itself was attached

I would ditto Michael’s post.

I find similar stuff as that in the picture quite often in some of my lower-end neighborhoods. That type of installation does save money and I haven’t detected any specific problems with it when it is done well.

A Frame house covered w/ 1 foot of snow…this side of the house was on the “shade” side…that roof was 1 foot of snow covering 3 inches of ice…I took one step and changed my chicken mind! I wanted to see that transition as well, but alas, I could not. So I made note of it…and told him to check it out…I also mentioned that there were zero signs of problems in the soffit area underneath this area…and the shingles and roof sheathing looked good as near as I could tell…but it looked “unorthodox” and he should give it a good looking at come summer…you know from August 3rd - August 8th every year :wink:

Was it attached in the attic?

No attic…AFRAME…this was a great clean inspection…no attics, no crawls…no GARAGE DOOR OPENERS!!!

I couldn’t see through the soffit, I am guessing (ooops) that it was attached to the trusses/rafters…but I cannot be sure.

How will that help him protect his investment now? What can be done to get to the end of it now , so he can make an educated decsion on to buy, or ask for repairs? Could the metal piece been removed, or could the transition be viewed from the side with a ladder? Just wondering.

Ben…Please read the quote you quoted…I will not remove flashing…I will not die on a roof…

I am like you…I want to find out EVERYTHING…but sometimes I cannot and it does bother me…but what can we do? Snow and Ice are things I have to deal with. Until they come out with nice XRAY glasses that really do work, I will have to just have some unanswered questions…sigh.

By The Way…how did the little winkie icon get put in for this thread? I don’t put them on…who does? TY>…

I was speaking of the “flashing” on the under sidewhere there was no snow. I haven’t seen any xray glasses on the market either. I was just wondering. starting out it is worth being the one who goes the extra mile. Seeing if the patio was attached to the rafters woud have decided much on this picture. (it appears)

I still wouldn’t remove the flashing, snow or no snow…are you suggesting I remove the flashing? I hope not, because have you ever removed flashing before and then tried to put it back?

I agree with you on the other points…but I don’t think you meant I should remove the flashing do you?

Thanks BK1

It actually looks like there is a gap around it that could possibly expose where it was attached. I would not unless permission was gived to me by the seller. The first couple of post was almost if everyone thought that the rafter here was “sat” on the roof. To me that looks less like flashing, and more just like a filler for the gap that was left. But, I wasn’t there, so I am just guessing.